Quotes Finest


What does this mean? H’mm,’ said he. ‘So far as I can ascertain it is an attempt to write extremely corrupt Greek on the part’—here he glared at me with intention—‘of an extremely illiterate—ah—person. … ‘Can you tell me what the corruption is supposed to mean—the gist of the thing?’I asked.

‘I have been—many times—overcome with weariness in this particular employment …


This is from “The Finest Story in the World”.

The storyteller   has made friends with Charlie Mears, a young bank clerk  who wants to be a writer. He unexpectedly comes up with vivid lines about the life of  a galley slave in ancient Greece. He scrawls   some words on a piece of paper to show what the slaves scratched on their benches. The story teller takes them  to the British  Museum   for interpretation, and  they prove to be in Greek.

Charlie  had been drawing on a well  spring of inspiration from a past life.