Quotes Dayspring


‘What do you suppose is her game, then?’

‘If Castorley knows he’s been had, it’ll kill him. She’s at me all the time, indirectly, to let it out. I’ve told you she wants to make it a sort of joke between us …It slips out when they talk. They say “He was,” not “He is.” Both of ’em know it. But she wants him finished sooner.


This is from ““Daysping Mishandled“”,  a  dark tale  of hatred, deceit, and long-planned revenge.

Castorley is a vain vindictive unpleasant ma n. A leading  Chaucher scholar,  he has achieved fame and distinction  through his identification  of a previously unknown manuscript.

He does not know that this is a fake, painstakingly created by Manallace, a fellow scholar, who has long hated him for his cruelty towards a dying woman.  Manallace  plans to reveal the forgery and destroy his reputation.

Castoley’s wife, an ‘unappealing ash-coloured woman”,  who has guessed the truth, cannot wait for Manallace to spring his trap. Castorleuy is seriously ill, and she has a lover, his doctor.

But Manallace cannot bear  to be her instrument, and has lost his taste for revenge.  Castolley goes to his grave with his pride  intact.