Quotes Creation

January 14th to 20th


He went North, Best Beloved, and he found All–the–Elephant–there–was digging with his tusks and stamping with his feet in the nice new clean earth that had been made ready for him.  Kun?‘ said All–the–Elephant–there–was, meaning, ‘Is this right?’

Payah kun,’ said the Eldest Magician, meaning, ‘That is quite right’ and he breathed upon the great rocks and lumps of earth that All–the–Elephant–there–was had thrown up, and they became the great Himalayan Mountains, and you can look them out on the map.



This is from “The Crab that played with the Sea“”

All the animals, apart from the crab, had played the play that was given to them, The giant crab did not, until he was made small and  vulnerable  by the Eldrst magician.


Presently there came along the Djinn in charge of All Deserts, rolling in a cloud of dust (Djinns always travel that way because it is Magic), and he stopped to palaver and pow-pow with the Three.

‘Djinn of All Deserts,’ said the Horse, ‘is it right for any one to be idle, with the world so new-and-all?’ ‘Certainly not,’ said the Djinn.


This is from “How the Camel got his  Hump from  Djubbnn of all the Deserts because of his ‘scutiating idleness.

When all  the Animals lived in Big Nursery, before it was time to go into the Ark, Big Nurse had to brush their hair. She told them to stand still while she did it or it might be the worse for them. So they stood still. The Lion stood still and had his hair brushed into a splendid mane with a blob at the tip of his tail …. They all stood still, except one Animal, and he wouldn’t. He wiggled and kicked sideways at Big Nurse.


This  is from Ham and the Porcupone. Which tellds how the naughty porcupine was taught a severe lesson by Ham, when the animals were going up into  the  Ark.