Quotes Chanpagne


. The velvety, perfumed liquor, between fawn and topaz, neither too sweet nor too dry, creamed in its generous glass. But I knew no wine composed of the whispers of angels’ wings, the breath of Eden and the foam and pulse of Youth renewed. So I asked what it might be.

‘It is champagne,’ he said gravely.


This is from “The Bull that Thought”, collected in Debits and Credits.

The writer r has taken out his Rolls  for a speed-test, on a moonlit summer bnight in the Rhone Delta.   He has been accompanied by M. Voiron,  a distinguished  Frenchman, who invites him to a celebratory dinner.

Over  a memorable champagne,  M. Voiton  tells the story  of Apis,  The Bull that Thought.