Quotes Champagne


a table had been set with local dishes of renown. There was, too, a bottle beyond most known sizes, marked black on red, with a date. Monsieur Voiron opened it, and we drank to the health of my car. The velvety, perfumed liquor, between fawn and topaz, neither too sweet nor too dry, creamed in its generous glass. But I knew no wine composed of the whispers of angels’ wings, the breath of Eden and the foam and pulse of Youth renewed. So I asked what it might be. ‘It is champagne,’ he said gravely.


On a moonlit night, down on the levels of the Rhone Delta, the story-teller has taken out his car for a speed test, triumphantly accomplished. A distinguished Frenchman, who has joined him as an observer, invites him to dine, to celebrate.

Fortified by a memorable champagne,he tells the epic story of “The Bull that Thought“”, which Kipling collected in Debits and Credits (1926).