Quotes Butterfly YY


So he went on between the lilies and the loquats and the roses and the cannas and the heavy-scented ginger-plants that grew in the garden, till he came to the great camphor-tree that was called the Camphor Tree of Suleiman-bin-Daoud. But Balkis hid among the tall irises and the spotted bamboos and the red lillies behind the camphor-tree, so as to be near her own true love, Suleiman-bin-Daoud.


This is from “The Butterfly that Stamped”

The great king, silly man Bin Daoud,  was plagued  by his quarrelling wives,  but did not wish to assert  himself,  since this would have been showing off.

Balkis persuades him to use his power  dramatically to help a little butterfly, and This – though he had not planned it – terrifies the quarrelsome queens  into behaving properly.