Qotes Landscape

December 11th to 17th


Glancing back in the twilight at the huge ridges behind him and the faint, thin line of the road whereby they had come, he would lay out, with a hillman’s generous breadth of vision, fresh marches for the morrow; or, halting in the neck of some uplifted pass that gave on Spiti and Kulu, would stretch out his hands yearningly towards the high snows of the horizon.


This is from Kim.

Kim and the Lama are climbing deep into the hills; Kim is amazed at his master’s growing strength and vigour.

Immediately below him the hillside fell away, clean and cleared for fifteen hundred feet, where a little village of stone-walled houses, with roofs of beaten earth, clung to the steep tilt. All round it the tiny terraced fields lay out like aprons of patchwork on the knees of the mountain, and cows no bigger than beetles grazed between the smooth stone circles of the threshing-floors.


This is from “The Miracle of Purun Bhagat”.” in The Second Jungke Book (1895).

Purun Dass has abandoned his high office as a senior official, and taken the beggging bowl of a wandering holy man.

Here, high above a mountain village, he finds a shrine where he can settle down, and meditate.

…the dry chorus of wave-tops turning over with a sound of incessant tearing; the hurry of the winds working across open spaces and herding the purple-blue cloud-shadows; the splendid upheaval of the red sunrise; the folding and packing away of the morning mists…


This is from Ca[ptains  Courageous.

The We”e Here is on her way home  from the Grand Banks to Gloucester, Mass.achussetts  with a full cargo  of cod safely stowed away,  first of the fleet.

Disko Troope  is pressing on across the deep Atlantic seas, guving  the little schooner her head.