Quotes Fore and Aft


in bitter mockery of the distant mob, the old tune of the Old Line shrilled and rattled:—

Some talk of Alexander,
And some of Hercules;
Of Hector and Lysander,
And such great names as these!

There was a far-off clapping of hands from the Gurkhas, and a roar from the Highlanders in the distance, but never a shot was fired by British or Afghan. The two little red dots moved forward in the open parallel to the enemy’s front.


This is from “The Drums of the Fore and Aft”

A raw  English regiment has fled in a fight with  an Afghan force. Two drummer  boys have been stranded out on the battlefield. Rather than run  they march up and down to rally their comrades.

The regiment comes back to the fight but it is too late for the boys, who fall to the next volley.