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The verse is  the main attraction, in particular, “he White Man’s Buden”,” Kipling’s injunction to the United States to play its part in policing the world, and “Mandalay”. his joyous song of delight in the magic of the East.  Other popular   poems  include “The Gods of the Copybook Headings”, “I keep six honest serving men“,  “The Way through the woods“, and “The Ballad of East and West”.


Daniel Hadas of King’s College London has recently undertaken  a review of our notes on Kipling’s  verse in the New Readers’ Guide. He has made many useful additions, including notes on a number of  previously unidentified   biblical echoes from the Old and New Testaments.

This work has involved reading and re-reading some nine hundred and fifty collected and uncollected poems. Reflecting on this and earlier reading he has written  an essay for us on  his personal assessment of Kipling’s poetry, which we have published as one of the ‘General  Articles’  in the Guide.

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