Kipling in the News

 Journalism, Empire, and Decolonisation

9-10 September 2021 City, University of London


Conference Programme



Day 1, Thursday 9 September


09.30-11.00 Keynote 1

Chandrika Kaul: “What do they know of Kipling who only Kipling know: Mediascapes of Empire”

Introduced by Sarah Lonsdale 11.00-11.30 Tea & Coffee

11.30-13.00 Panel 1: Journalism & Fiction

Chair: Dominic Davies

Élodie Raimbault, ‘“Tell it as a lie”: the Ambiguous Blend of Fiction and Journalism in Kipling’s Many Inventions

Angela Eyre, ‘“Tods Amendment”, the Native-born Child, and Debates Over Tenancy Legislation’

Minna Vuohelainen, ‘Rudyard Kipling’s Imperial Gothic short fiction and the periodical press


14.00-15.30 Panel 2: Translating Kipling

Chair: Alex Bubb

Harish Trivedi, ‘Kipling and the Indian Vernacular Press: Countering The Pioneer’ Mohammad Saleem, ‘Shaking Off the Colonial Burden: Revisiting Resistance Literature in India during British Rule’

Monica Turci, ‘Rudyard Kipling in Antonio Gramsci’s Journalism’ 15.30-16.00 Tea & Coffee

16.00-17.30 Panel 3: Empires

Chair: Kaori Nagai

Vinita Dhondiyal Bhatnagar, ‘Opium, Empire and the Orient: Reading Kipling in the Context of Narcopolitics’

Aaron Ackerley, ‘Rudyard Kipling, the Press Barons, and Visions of Empire’ Dominic Davies, ‘The Kipling Scrapbooks and the End of Empire’


18.00-19.00 Keynote 2

Elleke Boehmer, “Kipling’s Currency: a Conversation” with Dom Davies

Day 2, Friday 10 September


09.30-11.00 Keynote 3

Harry Ricketts: “Following Kipling’s Footsteps in Rajasthan”

Introduced by Jan Montefiore

11.30-13.00 Panel 4: Newspapers & their Owners

Chair: Sarah Lonsdale

George Simmers, ‘The Fun of Fake News: “The Village that Voted the Earth was Flat” and “Dayspring Mishandled”’

Howard Booth, ‘Rethinking Kipling’s First World War propaganda: the case of France at War’ David Richards, ‘Kipling & The Friend: Boers, Badges, and Bibliography’

14.00-15.30 Panel 5: Kipling’s Literary Legacy

Chair: Dominic Davies

Jill Didur, ‘Reimaging Kipling: Mixing Fiction and Journalism in The Kipling File

Sarah Lonsdale, “If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken mansplained back to you’: Feminist Parodies of Kipling’s ‘If.’’

Gary Enstone, ‘Living with Rudyard Kipling and his legacy in a 21st Century World’ 15.30-16.00 Tea & Coffee

16.00-17.30 Keynote 4

Janet Montefiore: “Run and find out’: Rudyard Kipling as junior reporter’

Introduced by Dominic Davies


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We have made video recordings of the conference sessions.  If you would like to see any of these please contact