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[September 9 2003]


Harmsworth The Harmsworth Encyclopaedia Amagamated Press and Thomas Nelson London 1906

Comrie, John D Black's Medical Dictionary A C Black London 1918

Knowles, Frederick L. A Kipling Primer Chatto & Windus London 1900
With two portraits and a bibliography.
Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Poems of Rudyard Kipling Cambridge University Press Cambridge 2013
The most comprehensive edition of Kipling's verse, in three volumes
Weygandt, Anne M. Kipling's Reading and Its Influence on His Poetry Univ. of Pennsylvania Press Philadelphia 1939

Yule, Henry & Burnell, A.C. Hobson-Jobson - The Anglo-Indian Dictionary Wordsworth Ware 1999
First published in 1886, this is a facsimile of the second edition published in 1902. Paperback, 1072pp.

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