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[October 29 2003]


Adams, Jad Rudyard Kipling Haus Books London 2006

Birkenhead, Lord Rudyard Kipling Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 1978 ISBN 0 297 77535 9 Biography suppressed for some ten years by Elsie Bambridge and only published after her death and that of the author.
Braddy, Nella Rudyard Kipling Julian Mesner Inc. New York City 1941
Illustrated biography aimed at children.
Brown, Hilton Rudyard Kipling: A New Appreciation Hamish Hamilton London 1945
Foreword by Frank Swinnerton.
Carrington, Charles Rudyard Kipling: His Life and Work Macmillan & Co. London 1955
The rare 3rd. Edition of 1978 contains appendices not available in other editions.
Chevrillon, André Rudyard Kipling Librairie Plon Paris 1936
Cross, Thomas N. East and West; Biography of Rudyard Kipling Luckystone Press Ann Arbor, MI 1992

Fido, Martin Rudyard Kipling Hamlyn London 1974
Very well illustrated.
Gilbert, Elliott L, (Ed.) Oh Beloved Kids Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 1983
Letters to his children including Kipling's drawings
Gilmour, David The Long Recessional John Murray London 2002
The Imperial Life of Rudyard Kipling'.
Hopkins, R Thurston Rudyard Kipling's World Robert Holden London 1916

Hutchinson, Geoff Kipling Geoff Hutchinson
Brief illustrated account for children. Paperback.
Keating, Peter Kipling the Poet Secker & Warburg London 1994

Kennedy, Rosalind & Pinney, Thomas Kipling Down Under XLIBRIS USA 2000
Rudyard Kipling's Visit to Australia, 1891: A Narrative with Documents.
Kernahan, Coulson Nothing Quite Like Kipling Had Happened Before Epworth Press London 1944
Brief reminiscences published posthumously.
Lemonnier, Leon Kipling Editions Jules Tallandier Paris 1939
Popular biography in French. Paperback.
Laski, Marghanita From Palm to Pine, Rudyard Kipling at Home and Abroad Sidgwick and Jackson London 1987

LeFanu, Sarah Something of Themselves Hurst London 2020
Kipling, Mary Kingsley, and Conan Doyle in South Africa, during the Anglo-Boer War.
Lewins, Jeffrey D. Kipling and his 'Coll' Magdalene College Cambridge 1993
Lycett, Andrew Rudyard Kipling Weidenfeld & Nicolson London 1999

Lycett, Andrew Rudyard Kipling Phoenix London 2000
Paperback edition
Macdonald, Meryl The Long Trail - Kipling Round the World Tideway House Bristol 1999

Mallett, Philip Rudyard Kipling, a Literary Life Palgrave Macmillan London 2003

Mason, Philip Kipling - The Glass, the Shadow and the Fire Jonathan Cape London 1975
Having loved Kipling as a child, disliked him as a student, then ignored him for thirty years Mason (ex-ICS) documents his return to him in retirement.
Pinney, Thomas See Rosalind Kennedy above..

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vol 1) 1872-89 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vol 2) 1890-99 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vol 3) 1900-1910 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vol 4) 1911-1919 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Letters of Rudyard Kipling (Vols 5 and 6) 1920-1936 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas, and Richards, David Alan Kipling and his First Publisher Rivendale Press

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Kipling's India, Uncollected Sketches 1884 to 1888 Macmillan

Pinney, Thomas (Ed.) Something of Myself and other autobiographical writings Cambridge U. Press
Includes My First Book, "Baa Baa Black Sheep", "An English School", and Kipling's 1885 diary: annotated
Ponton, Dorothy Rudyard Kipling at Home and at Work Privately published
Author was governess to Elsie and after 1919 secretary to Kipling. Paperback.
Ricketts, Harry The Unforgiving Minute - A Life of Rudyard Kipling Chatto & Windus London 1999

Seymour-Smith, Martin Rudyard Kipling Macdonald London 1989

Stewart, J.I.M. Rudyard Kipling Victor Gollancz London 1966

Sutcliffe, Rosemary Rudyard Kipling Bodley Head London 1960
A Bodley Head monograph aimed at children.
Wilson, Angus The Strange Ride of Rudyard Kipling Secker & Warburg London 1977
'His Life and Works'

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