Kipling Journal: KJ313

Published: Mar 2005

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7Illustration. Drawing of a Wood CarverKipling, John Lockwood
8Oxford Dictionary of National Biography and The LettersEditorial
9United Services College. Kipling and the ChronicleMaidment, Richard
20France. Kipling and FranceRives, Max
28John Lockwood Kipling Material at the V&A MuseumDiamond, Bryan
34HIS GIFT (L&ST). Bacon and Eggs: Kipling’s CallingDillingham III, Prof William B.
47War Graves Commission. The Residue of Victorian IdealismWiggins, Dr Deborah E.
57THE IRISH GUARDS IN THE GREAT WAR. The Emery Walker TrustEditor
58The New Readers’ Guide: An Annotator ReportsLewis, Lisa A.F.
60The Absent-Minded Imperialists by Prof Bernard PorterEditor (Review)
62IN THE PRESENCE.(DOC). Lady Mabel Coke, Sir James Dunlop SmithBindsel, Prof Erling
62India’s Reply See also 311/07Wade, Shamus O.D.
63Kipling’s DeskHucker, C.T.

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