Kipling Journal: KJ229

Published: Mar 1984

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06&08Woodcut frontispiece provenance query R 230/44Editorial + R
9Khyber Pass to Rome: a riposte to the Toronto ‘Globe and Mail’Editorial
10Wheeler, C. Charles Wheeler and the KiplingsEditorial
12SEA CONSTABLES (D&C). …and the blockade of January 1915 + illusNewsom, G.H.
36Stalky: 3. Extracts from General Dunsterville’s diaries: Relating to K. Soc.[1922-1928]
41Irrawaddy Flotilla, by Alister McCrae and Alan Prentice. 1978Murray, Peter (review)
44Pook’s Hill on the map, with illustration R 230/34 232/56 233/36C + R
49MARY’S SON (v). Poem written for school magazine, 1924C
49MIRACLE OF PURUN BHAGAT (JB2). Srinagar landslide connection?C

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