Kipling Journal: KJ226

Published: Jun 1983

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6KIM. Take more ink [Kim dictates to the Umballa letter-writer] + 226/39Tresilian, Stuart (illus)
8Whittington, Theodore Henry. Vice-president. ObituaryEditorial
9Kiplingiana. Market for works by and about KiplingEditorial
10Medical matters. R.K., Sir William Osler & the history of medicineSakula, Dr Alex + photos
25KIM. Language aspects in KimStewart, David H.
35KIM. Ohé, Mahbub Ali [the horse-trader]. IllustrationJacques, Robin
40Ghandi: the film + illus: ‘Mutual regard’ [Ghandi & RK. John Bull, 1932]Baillieu, Colin (review)
43VOORTREKKER (v). Missing ‘Foreloper’ + K’s response. Text in fullC2
46Evans and Zogbaum + illus & text: ‘Zogbaum draws with a pencil…’C + R 234/32
51Kipling’s secret monuments, compiled by Shamus Wade. 1982Simpson, Donald (review)

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