Kipling Journal: KJ218

Published: Jun 1981

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8Rottingdean. Development threat to The Elms (1). Statement of intentEditorial (+219/10+220/10)
8Text is taken. Kipling quotes by Bernard Levin and Margaret ThatcherEditorial
9Medium for puffs: Kipling and French cuisineEditorial note
10Kipling Society, The. Subscription rates and Journal costs + 220/09 232/59235/09 258/10
11Paperweight. Presentation to R. Lancelyn Green [designed by P.L Johnston]Editorial + pw photograph
12Kipling Society, The. Presidents. Sir Angus Wilson + photograph/p13Editorial
14Wimpole Hall. Home of Elsie Bambridge + NT photographs C 220/40Gibbs, J.R. + C1
19Crofts. Crofts and King (2): ‘not the sole prototype’ + photo. of USC mastersMaidment, R.A.
21United Services College. Masters in Kipling’s day. Photograph
25Price, Cormell. Photograph in later years [uncertain date]
27Reshun. Siege of Reshun; drawing of the NW frontier village, 1895
29Crofts. Photograph of William Carr Crofts in later years
31Chitral campaign, 1895. Photograph, with British army officers identified
32STORY OF THE GADSBYS. Theatre production in New York, 1980 (2)Editor (review) + illus+06
33STORY OF THE GADSBYS. And ye shall be as – Gods?; illustrationKipling, Lockwood
36Lockwood Kipling. British art education in India, by M. TaraporCraig, J. (review) + 220/39
40FLEET IN BEING. Notes of 2 trips with the Channel Squadron 1897/8Shearman, J (reprint note)
44Tresilian. Request for catalogue of Stuart Tresilian illustration exhibition[Exhibition 1970]
45THEIR LAWFUL OCCASIONS (T&D). She’d do better in a bigger sea…Reuterdahl, Henry (illus)
47Kipling Society, The. Melbourne branch update + 219/08 222/47 244/53

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