Kipling Journal: KJ132

Published: Dec 1959

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3Shakespeare. Kipling and Shakespeare ‘telling comparison’Editorial
4STALKY & CO. Disappointing article in ‘Punch’ (Gwyn Thomas)Editorial
4Westward Ho! Notes from Cormell Price’s USC papersEditorial
5FOLLY BRIDGE; story. Text + Editorial 132/02Kipling, Rudyard
13India. Kipling and the army in IndiaCarrington, Charles
16MRS BATHURST (T&D). Problem of ‘Mrs Bathurst’ unsolvedBrowne, B.S.
19Prophet of the unorthodox – Kipling; discussion meeting (G. Shelford)
19Pyecroft stories; discussion meeting (Commander Merriman)[See also: Editorial 131/02]

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