Kipling Journal: KJ076

Published: Dec 1945

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3How I feel about KiplingTurner, W.J.
5JUST SO STORIES. Elephant’s child. Ilustration from Macmillan ed.Kipling, Rudyard (illus)
06+02STALKY & CO. Stalky – boy & man [+illus of camel train in Khyber Pass]Martindell, Captain E.W.
9Germans. Kipling and the Germans. Part 1Bazley, Basil M.
12India. India of Kipling today [: excerpts from ‘Immortal years’]Wrench, Sir Evelyn
14Library. Summary of collection (1945)Maitland, W.G.B.
15Kipling Society, The. Brochure published…most effective ‘recruiter’+075/02
16Worst slip. Extensive extracts from ‘The Yorkshire Post’ + 076/02
21France. Mark of the beast & Light that Failed popular on the boulevardsC1
21Horace. Genesis of Horace odes R 079/15C1 + R