Kipling Journal: KJ064

Published: Dec 1942

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1Kipling Journal, The. Readers’ indebtedness to the contributorsCollins, J.P. (Notes)
1Names. Why Lockwood?Collins, J.P. (Notes)
2Fleming, Lt.-Col. J.M. R.K.’s brother-in-law. Obituary
3India. Kipling and the past in India. + C4 065/21MacMunn, Lt.-Gen. Sir G.
5Wanted – a man [: to write inspiring prose or verse]Martindell, Captain E.W.
6Critics. One good thing the war has done [‘Daily Mail’ article] C 065/21Ervine, St. John + C4
8Wound and the bow, by Edmund Wilson. Secker & Warburg. 15/6Bazley, Basil M. (review)
9Empire. Kipling – poet of empire. Part 2Boyes, Dr. Norman
12Homes of Rudyard Kipling. [Part 4]Milburn, Colonel C.H.
14Olla podrida: ‘A marine mix-up’ competition + Solution 065/08Elwell, T.E.
15Snap-shot of R.K. [: ‘Evening News’ excerpt, 20th Feb. 1901]Victorian'
16Kipling awakes [: with his words on the lips of orators, statesmen, soldiers]Hull, Cecil O.
17Critics. Magazine article about Kipling far removed from realityC5 + Kiplingiana 061/20
19Holland. Holland’s ‘Kipling’ one of 7 writers seized as hostageKiplingiana
19Poetry. Rehabilitation of Kipling among readers of poetryKiplingiana
19RECESSIONAL (FNv). In prison campKiplingiana
20LICHTENBERG (v). The smells of November & the NSW trooperKiplingiana
20Mandalay. Summary of its history [‘Daily Telegraph’ excerpt]Kiplingiana

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