The Kipling Journal – Editorial policy

Scores of libraries and English Faculties, in a dozen countries, receive the Journal as corporate members of the Society. However, though scholarly in general tendency, it is not an austerely academic production. It aims to entertain as well as to inform. This is both necessary and easy. It is necessary because our membership is as representative of the general reader as of the university researcher. It is easy because there exists an inexhaustible reservoir of engrossing material, thanks to the great volume and variety of Kipling’s writings; the scope of his travels, acquaintance, and correspondence; the diversity of his interests and influence; the scale of the events he witnessed; the exceptional fame he attracted in his lifetime; and the international attention he continues to attract.

The Editor of the Kipling Journal, Jan Montefiore, publishes articles, membership news, Society events, and the texts of talks given by invited speakers. She is happy to receive letters and articles from readers. These may be edited and publication is not guaranteed. A page holds under 500 words, so articles of 5000 words, often needing preface, notes and illustrations, may be hard to accommodate quickly. Letters of crisp comment, under 1000 words, and articles between 500 and 5000 words are especially welcome. Email to

As with other literary societies, contributors are not paid; their reward is the appearance of their work in a periodical of repute.

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