A Visit to Kipling’s Naulakha

(by Louis F. Sander)

Naulakha is on a narrow country road in the village of Dummerston in the U.S. state of Vermont. It is about 5 miles from Brattleboro, a town of 12,000 people. The property is owned by The Landmark Trust USA, whose mission is to rescue and rejuvenate historic buildings. The house sleeps eight people, and can be rented by visitors on holiday. An adjoining former carriage house sleeps four, and can be separately rented. When the properties are not rented, they can be seen by appointment only.

I have been a Kipling enthusiast since the late 1970s, and when I needed to travel to the adjacent state of New Hampshire. I made arrangements to visit Naulakha. The staff of the Trust was very accommodating, and the Executive Director was willing to give me a half hour tour of the property. After the tour, he encouraged me to wander the grounds and make myself at home.

I took almost 50 digital photos of the interior and exterior. Please feel free to use them in any way you would like, including publication. Here are my explanations of the photos, which are numbered in the sequence in which they were made.

Louis F. Sander
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

The photos are as follows

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