The Smith Administration III

The Hands of Justice

(notes by David Page)

First Publication

15th July 1887 in the Civil and Military Gazette.

The story

In which Peroo, the cow-boy, who is collecting firewood, successfully outwits “Smith” and escapes justice.

Notes on the Text

This is the third of the “Smith” stories to appear in the collection, but was the first to be published.

[Page 352, line 12] sirris-trees or siris trees (Albizia Lebbek). A variety of acacia or tassel-tree which has strongly scented flowers.

[Page 352, line 16] white Doon sirris Kipling also refers to this tree in Kim, chap. XII, where the NRG note by Sharad Keskar defines it as ‘a type of Acacia tree with light foliage. The Doon is the valley at the foot of the slope that climbs up the escarpment to Mussoorie.’

[Page 354, line 3] goalla or gowala – a cowherd.[ORG]

[Page 354, line 5] budmash a rascal.[ORG]

[Page 354, line 17] punkha-coolie the servant who operates a suspended swinging fan for use at night in the hot season.

[Page 354, line 22] batta derived from the military word for an extra allowance or special pay. [Hobson-Jobson]

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