The Wop of Asia


The Wop of Asia—that lordly Beast—
Writes from his lair in the burning East
To the Wop of Europe—"Peace and Rest,
"From Allah who giveth them be in your Breast.
"Behold it was writ in our Brows at Birth
"We should sing in the East of the Sons of Earth:
(And how shall a man, be He ne'er so wise
Escape that sentence between his eyes?)
"Wherefore we sang, and the Songs we send
"May serve to amuse you in far North End.

"Now the gnat sings gaily at eventide
"And the Bull frog sings by the waterside
"And the wind of the desert across the sands
"Singeth what no man understands
"But whether we sing as these or worse
"Behold it is written here in our verse.