Verse Fragments and Limericks


 She wandered round the blessed world: 
She watched the sunset she:
O'er hills, incarnadine, impearled
Agate and lazuli:
Strange climes she saw and stranger folk
And fish of alien seas.


I played with a lady at Euchre
And did all I knew for to roochre 
But spite of my play 
At the end of the day
She won and I promptly forsoochre.


I know a young lady from Beaver
And not for the world would I grieve her 
But it runs in my head
That she scares herself dead
For no one's allowed to relieve her



There was a small boy who was proud
And smoked where he wasn't allowed
Till a java cigar
Lit the bestest sofar
And he quit—in a Pillar of Cloud.


What shall we do with a king who is dead
He governed us well while life was in him:
Lay him in state on his royal bed,
In the paper shrouds the poets spin him: 
Turn to the prince who is crowned today:
And shout for


And will you give me love for love 
And troth for troth said he?
Ay, Love for love and troth for troth 
And heart for heart quoth she.

And will you give me life for life 
And soul for soul quoth he:
Ay, soul for soul, with seas between, 
Till end of love quoth she.