The Buttercup

The Buttercup — the Barbaris [?] —
The Waterlily and Poppies [?],
The Ferns— the Coles — the Mignonette —
The Rock Rose and the Violet.
The Milkwort —Sea Heath and the Pink
The Purslane and the Tamarink 
Two Worts, the Water and St John 
Then Mallow, Linden, Flax, take on
With Cranes bill, Holly, Spindle Tree
The Buckthorn, Madder and the Pea.
Rose, Saxifrage and Stoncrop pale
The Sun-dew, Loosestrife and Mare's-tail.
The Willow Herb, White Briony
Fools' Parsley and the Owl's Ivy
Dog, Honey,  Beds, Va-le-ri-an—
The Teasle, Comfit, Bellflower, Crane
Heath, Birdsnest, Swift and Primrose too
Olive, Periwink and Gentian blue 
(These come to fifty, and the adder
Will find himself on Jacob's Ladder) 
Now — Jacob's ladder scaled — observe
The Labeates, Plantain , and Knot-Grass
Amaranth, goosefoot, Persica 's
Daphne, Sea Buckthorn, Nettle go
Before [?thwort and Miseltoe
Sandal and berry of the crow
Spurge, Hornwort,  Myrtle of the Bog
Mast-bearing Willow Bit of Hog.
The Orchid, Iris, Amarylis —
Black Briony and all the Lilies
Rush, Reed-mace, Cuckoo—[?] succeed
Ducks [?] Water-plantain weed
Pipe wort and Sedge in watery mead
The Grasses (I have almost done)	
Bring up the list to ninety one. 
The Monkey Puzzle's ninety two 
The Ninety Third I know is you.

*The missing ends, I should explain
Are — age, weed, shade, wort, rape, wort, ain.

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