The Private Account

Notes on the text

(edited by Sharad Keskar)

First Publication

This, the third item of the four, appeared in two only of the three papers, the Saturday Evening Post on 26th May, 1917, and La Revue des Deux Mondes on Ist June, 1917.

Notes on the Text

[Page 203, line 2] Kohat A district and town south of Peshawar and west of the River Indus.

[Page 203, line7] Purple dyed beard Using ground fresh herb henna leaves, to dye beards, is a common practice among old men in Muslim communities, but not to hide age as the results are glaringly obvious. The effect on white beards is more red than purple. The purple effect is produced only when henna is used by younger men and because of the presence of black hairs.

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