With a Study Chair
to the Pater

'Tell mee where is Fancie bred 
In ye Hearte or in ye Heade?'
Surely neither heade nor Hearte 
Fancie's Gifts to Men imparte:
Rather, saith ye thinkinge Minde, 
Fancie cometh from behinde. 
Beeswax in ye studie chair 
Breedeth Fancies rich and rare 
Inspiration never came
Save in fashion strange and tame—
Baito for ye laggard Thought
Or your Worke shall come to naught

Manie Yeeres have taught you this 
What ye Use of Beeswax is,
(And if I your Thoughts should guide 
Itt were neere to parricide)—
Wherefore I your Son Prepare,
Not ye Beeswax but ye Chair.

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