Two Limericks on
the Madras Scandals

         November 20th 1886

Our office crow, a most ill-mannered
but perspicacious fowl, has, after a
hearty meal on some back-numbers of
the Madras Mail, delivered himself of
the following. He calls it poetry:—

There was an old man in a doolie
    Who was pummeled by robbers unruly
    When he said:—'On my soul
'Tis the work of one C—e!'
    The P——r jumped on him duly.

           November 22nd 1886

That rude bird, the Office Crow, encouraged
by our acceptance of his little contribution
yesterday, continues to croak on matters
of ancient history.

There once was a man of Madras
    Who sold a 'Processional' ass.
    When they said:—'This is low!'
He replied (says the Crow)
    'These things are the rule in Madras!'

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