To save trouble

True patriots, let us now begin 
To curse our ruler Dufferin.
The British rifle guards our skin, 
But prey for all is Dufferin.
Iswasti, on enlightened prin– 
ciples demolish Dufferin.
The Tree of Power we strove to shin, 
Who thrust us from it?—Dufferin.
Who sowed dissension 'twixt the Hin–
du Muslim peoples?—Dufferin.
Who killed our kine, who taxed our tin,
Who  butchered  Burma?—Dufferin.
With fawning speech and eye–glassed grin
Who swindled Asia?—Dufferin.
Who sinned the Last, the Nameless Sin, 
Nor heard our clamour?—Dufferin.
 Who failed our high regard to win?— 
The 'mediocre'  Dufferin.	
Collinga turned him outside in,
And Bow Bazar scorned Dufferin.
Today, the nations, piebald, brin–
dled, rise to spit at Dufferin.
Thrice thirty million crore Divin– 
ities assist them, Dufferin!
From fat Ganesh''  to Kali thin 
The High Gods yelp at Dufferin.
The curse of Hume and Budrudin 
Tyabji wither Dufferin.
From Boileaugunge to high 'Knockdhrin' 
May houses fall on Dufferin;
May Oriental and Penin–
sular ships sink with Dufferin;
And every blotch on Naaman's  skin
Defile the flesh of Dufferin.
His wife that helped our women kin 
Whelm in the Doom of Dufferin.
She wrought our cloked zenanas  in, 
Then damned be Lady Dufferin!
Oh blast 'em all, hoof, hide and fin, 
The progeny of Dufferin!
Six Sixty-six—the Man of Sin 
Das—wue—the It—the Dufferin!
By sap and mine, by pit and gin,
Befoul the fame of Dufferin,
Let 'Albions'  clack and 'Harrilds' spin
Pye—dis—and dele Dufferin!
Till English voters hear the din
And love us loathing Dufferin:
Till all the earth from Hull to Minn–
eapolis damns Dufferin;
For flying pen and wagging chin 
Shall surely ruin Dufferin.
Thus, lowly walking, may we win 
To freedom—free of Dufferin.
We love the Queen, but not a pin 
Our loyal breed loves Dufferin!
He would not worship Us— to flin– 
ders smash, and bury Dufferin!
And  write above that reeking bin:
'Here lies our shame and Dufferin!'

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