Your patience, Sirs

Your patience, Sirs.  The Devil took me up 
To the burned mountain over Sicily 
(Fit place for me) and thence I saw my Earth— 
(Not all Earth's splendour, 'twas beyond my need—)  
And that one spot I love—all Earth to me, 
And her I love, my Heaven. What said I? 
My love was safe from all the powers of Hell— 
 For you—e'en you—acquit her of my guilt— 
But Sula, nestling by our sail-specked sea, 
My city, child of mine, my heart, my home— 
Mine and my pride—evil might visit there! 
It was for Sula and her naked port,  
Prey to the galleys of the Algerine, 
Our city Sula, that I drove my price— 
For love of Sula and for love of her. 
The twain  were  woven-gold  on  sackcloth-twined  
Past any sundering till God shall judge 
The evil and the good.
                              The Grand-Master's Defence

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