The Night of Power

In the beginning when the earth was new 
[God] Thar made the Tyger Monarch  till he slew 
[An angel] Thar's uncle wandering in human shape
[Across] Among the wood-ways. Then was crowned the Ape
Who walked unseemly till he made the name
Of King of Beasts a [mocking] scoffing and a shame.
[Then] Thereafter [So], through the listening woods [trembling earth] the mandate ran
Henceforth [of all things made] obey ye for your ruler man" 
And with the word fell fear as [fire flies] fires pass
In [later] latter summer through the [plu] [sere] dry plumed grass 
Great fear there was of this poor naked thing
Couched in the caves who knew not he was King 
[But trembled at the [[beasts who]] thunder [[in the]] of the cries]
[Only the tyger mindful of his fall—
Fled to the wilds and had no fear at all,
[But underneath the stars [[in piteous wise]] up to the skies
[[Wailed for his sovereignty]] Moaned for his sovereignty in piteous wise] 
But nightly [moaning] roaring 'neath the new made sky, 
Cried out [alone] to Thar for his lost Sovereignty 
And Thar who is as faithful as the rains,
And who draws the swarming blackbuck on the plains, 
Who sends the  wind that  makes the devils flee, 
And [sleeps] bids the [mheia?] (1) bloom abundantly
And [   ] [gave] teaches man to [take] mat the grass and make 
[Such shelter] Strong shelters that the wild-pig cannot break
[And lights the sun to call the]
[Who was, before the oldest and shall [[be]] live 
After the youngest [[climb]] [[di]] pass:] 
Caetera desunt. try again some other night
That heard the [cry] plaint 
 (1) unclear in MS.

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