Liberavi Animam Meam

  'The Bishop of Bombay is displeased with
Society because it encourages the sinful game
of 'Tommy Dodd' at Charity Bazaars.'
               —Pioneer, April 14th.

 My name is Tommy Dodd,
                             (Tommy Dodd) 
    And I scorn the Bishop's rod
                             (Tommy Dodd), 
    You may find me spinning free 
    At each Charity Squeejee—
    'Stakes confined to one rupee.'
                             (Tommy Dodd) Bis 

    And the Bishop he may write,
                             He may write:
    Yea, in lawn-sleeved black and white 
                             Urge the fight,
    And in language erudite 
    Lash the gambling appetite 
    Of Society polite. 
                             (Tommy Dodd).

    But ere Bishops wielded crook,
                             (Tommy Dodd),
    Ere they cursed by Bell and Book
                             (Tommy Dodd),
    I—or some one like me—taught 
    Man the hope of gain for naught; 
    But they called my worship 'Sport'.
                             (Tommy Dodd).

    Since your little race began
                             (Tommy Dodd),
    I have swayed the soul of man;
                             (Tommy Dodd), 
    Crozier, rochet, mitre, pall,
    I am stronger than them  all,
    And shall flourish when they fall
                             (Tommy Dodd) .

    Dam the Indus in its bed
                             (Tommy Dodd),
    Blanket Kinchinjunga's head
                             (Tommy  Dodd),
    Skid a glacier, cork a crater, 
    Make the Morning Sun rise later,
    And—I'll own that you're the greater
                             (Tommy Dodd).

    Spokeshave ever failing human,
                             (Tommy Dodd),
    Tum the heart of man from woman,
                             (Tommy Dodd), 
    Cleanse the Earth of evil in it, 
    Pinion Passion's wings with sinnit, 
    And—I'll abdicate this minute
                             (Tommy Dodd).

    While the breath of man endures
                             (Tommy Dodd), 
    There's an older Law than yours:
                             (Tommy Dodd), 
    He will quit your highest altars
    For the Chance that clicks and falters 
    Where the croupier reads the psalters
                             (Tommy Dodd).

    Here's my answer to your cry
                             (Tommy Dodd), 
    "See the little horses fly!
                             (Tommy Dodd), 
    "Open bank and we'll begin, 
    "Let the whirring needle spin
    "Try your luck—you're sure to win!"
                             (Tommy Dodd).

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