The Instructor

At times when under cover I 'ave said, 
To keep my spirits up an' raise a laugh,
'Earin 'im pass so busy over-'ead -
Old Nickel-Neck, 'oo isn't on the Staff -
"There's one above is greater than us all" 

Before 'im I 'ave seen my Colonel fall,
An 'watched 'im write my Captain's epitaph,
So that a long way off it could be read -
He 'as the knack o' makin' men feel small -
Old Whistle Tip, 'oo isn't on the Staff. 

There is no sense in fleein' (I 'ave fled),
Better go on an' do the belly-crawl,
An' 'ope' 'e'll 'it some other man instead
Of you 'e seems to 'unt so speshual -
Fitzy van Spitz, 'oo isn't on the Staff. 

An' thus in mem'ry's cinematograph,
Now that the show is over, I recall
The peevish voice an' 'oary mushroom 'ead
Of  'im we owned was greater than us all,
'Oo give instruction to the quick an' the dead -
The Shudderin' Beggar - not upon the Staff!

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