Fair Play

(Dulce est deSeepeere in loco)

'SIMLA, May 11—The meeting of the 
Legislative Council, to consider the 
Bankruptcy Bill, which was fixed for 
the 13th instant, has been postponed till 
the 20th, on account of the Seepee Fair, 
which commences on Thursday. 
See yesterday's Telegram.'

The jharan–coated subalterns
Are mounted and away—
Shall we His Lordship's Councillors
Be laggards more than they?
The Matrons of the Mountain haste,
The jocund with the jeldie,
Where Rockcliff spoons Elysium,
And Lowrie's Abergeldie.

Ho! gallop up the Jakko road!
Hi! scuttle down the hill!
Let be your legislative load—
The burden of the Bill!
Come ye who rule a people's fate,
Old men with grizzled hair—
Pack up the hamper and the crate
We ride to Seepee Fair.

There let us pass the foaming glass,
In place of measures dry;
And form Select Committees on
The pate and the pie.
There let us bid the swings revolve,
And frolic on the green,
As fits the trusted Ministers
And Stewards of the Queen.

To horse, to horse, my aged ones!
Staid senators and hoar—
For life is short, and laws are long—
The steed is at the door.
And if men sneer, and if men scoff,
'Tis little we shall care.
The Council of the Empire stands
Postponed—for Seepee Fair