France at War

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In 1915, in the second year of the Great War, Kipling made a tour as a journalist on the front of some of the French armed forces. His report of what he had seen of the military activity was published in six articles in the Daily Telegraph, in England, and in the New York Sun.

They were collected in booklets in both countries, with some small textual variations.

We have used the English version in these notes to refer to page and line numbers. The articles are collected in Scribner's Edition vol. 34, the Burwash Edition vol 20, and the Sussex Edition vol 26 page 65.

The text itself is preceded by the full quotation of the well-known and beautiful poem "France", written two years before, in 1913, on the occasion of a visit of the French Président de la République Raymond Poincaré to England.

The articles

Article Publication Text Notes
1. On the Frontier of Civilisation September 6th 1915
2. A Nation's Spirit September 8th 1915
3. Battle Spectacle and a Review September 10th 1915
4. The Land that Endures September 13th 1915
5. Trenches on a Mountain side September 15th 1915
6. The Common Task September 17th 1915


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