A Facelift for the Web-site

Over the past year we have been reviewing and extending the web-site and New Readers’ Guide, before transferring it to the WordPress platform on November 8th, which has many technical and editorial advantages.

Since 2001 we have developed the New Readers’ Guide, a work of many hands which builds on the efforts in the 1960s of Reginald Harbord and his colleagues. By 2020 we had annotated all the published and uncollected verse, stories, speeches, and most of the known articles, including those recently disinterred by Tom Pinney.

To encourage more users of the web to read Kipling, we are now placing more emphasis on the writings themselves rather than the notes. We have added many illustrations, and created a new linking system, with many cross-references to the KJ archive. We have brought the text of some 450 works onto the site rather than linking to them elsewhere.

We have extended the search facilities, adding a search of the whole site, and systems for sharing ideas through social media

This work is largely complete, though there may still be  still some  loose ends here and there.  Please email any comments or suggestions  to johnrad99@gmail.com.  We are always on the look-out for ways of improving the site; and we are giving a lot of thought to how we can develop it further, and bring Kipling’s writings s to wider audiences around the world.

John Radcliffe