The contents of this number on ‘Kipling and India’, old and new, are
the work of Indian and British writers from 1888 to 2021 in equal
proportions: 30 pages each. Our lead article is Nirad C. Chaudhuri’s
classic essay ‘The Finest Story About India – in English’ about Kim
(1957), often quoted but little read. Having recently discovered that
Chaudhuri’s essay had been reprinted long ago in the Kipling Journal
(No. 138, June 1961), I decided nonetheless that our members in 2021
would enjoy being introduced to this sparkling classic of Kipling criticism.
It now reappears, annotated by myself and with an Afterword by
our Vice-President Professor Harish Trivedi, who gives an astute, affectionate
and clear-eyed account of Chaudhuri’s perspective on Kipling
and India.