VOICE AND INSTRUMENT ('Voice/Instrument' in table)

a alto voice
acap a capella - unaccompanied
acc accordion
acct accompaniment
ad lib ad libitum - as one likes
b bass voice
bar baritone voice
bg bass guitar
bj banjo
bnd band
bo bongos
bod bodhran
br brass
bs bassoon
ch chorus, choir
ch2,3,4 2, 3, 4-part chorus, choir
chf female chorus
chm male chorus
chy chorus of young voices
cl clarinet
co conga
conc concertina
ct counter-tenor
db double bass
desc descant
dr drum
eb electric bass
ef effects
fl flute
ft flints
g guitar
gp group
hm harmonium
hn horn
hp harp
inst instrument(s)
kb keyboard
lu lute
mnd mandolin
ms mezzo soprano
o oboe
obl obligato
opt optional
orch orchestra
org organ
pd pipe drones
perc percussion
pf piano
pfdu piano duet
pic piccolo
ps part song
ps2,3,4 2, 3, 4-part song
psm part song, male voices
qt quartet
r recorder
s soprano voice
sax saxophone
sdr snare drum
sp speaker
syn synthesiser
str strings
t tenor voice
tim timbales
timp timpani
tmb tambourine
tub tuba
type typewriter
uk ukelele
unis unison
v voice
va viola
var various
vc ‘cello
vch children’s voices
vf female voice
vh high voice
vib vibraphone
vl low voice
vm male voice
vmed medium voice
vn violin
voc vocaliser - splits vocal into harmonies
wb wood blocks
wh whistles
ww woodwind
xyl xlyophone