Some Photos of old times

A frequently reproduced photo of the officers of the 51st Regiment in Afghanistan in 1878 or '79 with three Afghan guides or interpreters at the top. Most noticable is the mix of dress - six officers wear Afghan poshteens and one a greatcoat while the rest appear to be shivering in various early forms of khaki - definitely not 'uniform'. Two years later the 51st became the 1st Battalion, The King's Own Light Infantry (South Yorkshire Regiment), a forerunner of The King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, later 2 Light Infantry and now 5 Rifles.

A portion of another well-known photo taken outside the Bala Hissar fort at Kabul in the same period, the 2nd Afghan War, which was published in The Graphic in August, 1880. Some of the British soldiers stationed in the fort have lined up outside for the photographer.