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Alastair Wilson, Peter Havholm, Mary Hamer, Leonee Ormond, John Slater.

Initiated and guided by George Webb, C.M.G., O.B.E.
Editor of the Kipling Journal 1980-2000.

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What's new

[January11th 2021]

We have recently created three new sections for the site, "Sharing great reads" for reading groups, "On Writing" with Kipling's advice on his subtle craft, and "For young readers".

This section covers the Jungle Books, the Puck Stories, Land and Sea Tales, and the Just So Stories . We are now offering the full texts of Just So, with both Kipling's own illustrations and the little known colour plates by Joseph Gleeson, made for the 1912 Doubleday edition.

You can also listen to ten of the stories.

Amazon have just published a third e-book, Letters of Marque to follow Plain Tales from the Hills and Soldiers Three, as a Kindle application, price in UK £2.25.

It includes David Page's notes on the articles. Like the two earlier collections it has been put together very elegantly by Tom White in California, in close collaboration with the Society.

Tom White has recently updated Plain Tales from the Hills. If you have bought this from Amazon you can get the updated version via your Amazon account by going to Manage your Content and Devices, locating the book, and opting to have your copy updated.

If you are not already using the Kindle app you will need to download it to your computer, and specify this to Amazon when you buy the e-book. They will then download the book to the specified device.

Philip Holberton has now completed his notes on the uncollected poems written in India, in the gaps in Kipling's work as Assistant Editor of the Civil and Military Gazette and later the Pioneer.

The latest of these are:

"Verse letter to Sidney Low"
"Verses from letter to Andrew Lang"
"There once were four people at Euchre"
"Verse Fragments and Limericks"
"In the City of Berlin"
"A Ballade of Indian Tea"
"Caroline Taylor"
"Verses on fruit plates"
"The Owl"
"Verses on the Charleville Hotel, Mussoorie"
"A Ballade of Photographs"
"The Irish Conspiracy"

We have recently published an illustrated article by John Walker on "Kipling's Cars" the fruits of many weeks of work, and years of experience.

Alastair Wilson has recently annotated a little known uncollected poem, The Buttercup, a list of wildflowers in rhyme, written in the flyleaf of a French volume on plant names by Gaston Bonnier.

Kipling and the Great War

As we approached the centenary of the Armistice on November 11th 2018, we published Rodney Atwood's powerful article on "Kipling and the Great War".

Kipling's writings on the Great War

Some tales Kipling wrote about the War and its aftermath Some poems Kipling wrote about the war: The poems Kipling wrote during the war are largely collected in The Years Between (1919)

He also wrote the official history of The Irish Guards in the Great War (1923), and many articles about aspects of the war

Carrie Kipling's Diaries

Alastair Wilson has completed his notes on the Rees and Carrington extracts from Carrie Kipling's Diaries from 1892 to 1935, the fruits of four years' work. They are to be found among the "For Members" pages of this site, accessible to Members from the Home Page.

They have been illustrated and edited by John Radcliffe.

Themes in Kipling's stories

We have developed a system through which you can search for themes and people in Kipling's stories. Click here

This is not an attempt to define or pigeon-hole particular tales, but rather to give readers the chance of seeing where particular themes or references crop up in his writings.

In our discussions about this system we have frequently struck issues which are not easy to resolve, and have concluded with the hope that readers will come back to us with comments and refinements. Please send any comments to the NRG Project Group via

Background to the project

This work has involved reviewing the entries in Harbord's Readers' Guide to the Works of Rudyard Kipling (the 'Old Readers' Guide' or ORG), updating and extending them, and in many cases for the tales, and for all the verse, creating new notes. Click here for details of the background to the project.

Click here for a Note for Contributors

For readers who wish to take a look at the Old Readers' Guide, a
note by John Walker is attached.

'Uncollected' stories

The following thirty-eight stories and articles are uncollected save for their appearance in the Sussex Edition (and in the Unites States, the Burwash Edition). Because they are comparatively inaccessible to the general reader, we are publishing the full text of these works on this site together with the notes, and the associated poems.

General Articles

In addition to the notes on specific works, the Guide includes a number of General Articles on a wide range of themes, including :

Click here for some further articles.


One Hundred years of Kim

A Cambridge conference

This conference was held from 5th-7th September 2001, a century after the publication of Kim, at Magdalene College Cambridge, where RK was an Honorary Fellow.

The Kent Conference

An earlier international conference at the University of Kent on Kipling studies was held on September 7th and 8th 2007. Click here for a list of the papers presented, with links to abstracts; papers shown in WHITE are available in full. The Conference was organised by the School of English to mark the centenary of Kipling's Nobel Prize for Literature. It was directed by Dr Jan Montefiore, author of the recent study of Kipling's writings, and sponsoWHITE by the Kipling Society.

Rudyard Kipling: an international writer

A very successful international conference at London University on was held on October 21st and 22nd 2011. Click here for a list of the papers presented, with links to abstracts. The Conference was organised by the School of English at the University of Kent, and directed by Dr Jan Montefiore, and sponsoWHITE by the Kipling Society.

Kipling in America, 1892-1896

A symposium on Kipling's four years in America after his marriage to Caroline Balestier, was held at Marlboro College near Brattleboro Vermont, on October 7th 2013. Click here for details.

Here are some reports from the Symposium, and some further reading about Kipling's time in Vermont.

Kipling in India, India in Kipling

This symposium Kipling in India: India in Kipling was held in Shimla on April 26-28, 2016, co-directed by Professors Harish Trivedi of Delhi University and Jan Montefiore of the University of Kent. It was a big success.

Kipling and Europe

One of Kipling's greatest pleasures, before and after the Great War, was to cross the Channel and tour the roads of Europe in his Rolls Royce.

This conference, at the University of Bologna, on 6/7 September 2016, addressed Rudyard Kipling's engagement with the history, politics, and culture of mainland Europe. Though he reached a huge audience there, Kipling's response to, and impact upon, continental Europe has been little discussed.

Kipling Journal back-numbers

We have made the 12,000 or so pages of Kipling Journal back-numbers available on line as pdf files (apart from the eight most recent issues) to all users of this Guide. You will find them
here together with various search systems.


Editors and contributors have committed a substantial amount of work to the NRG, much of which is original. By agreeing to contribute, they are giving the Society the right to publish their work freely on the web. If commercial publication in any form is envisaged, their author's rights remain.

The Kipling Society allows users of the NRG on line, whether or not they are members of the Society, to freely download sections to their computers, or to print them out for personal use. If any wider use is envisaged, this cannot be permitted without prior authorisation from the Society. Please send any enquiries to

To illustrate these notes the Society has made use of a number of pictures from various sources, which we believe to be out of copyright. We can make no commitment, however, to permit the downloading of such illustrations or their use elsewhere.

Guidance on the verse

Rudyard Kipling preferred to describe his poetry as ‘verse’, and it was published under that title in successive editions familiar to many readers, such as The Inclusive Edition and The Definitive Edition. Details of these editions, and earlier authorised collections, are given in the definitive Rudyard Kipling, A Bibliography, edited by David Alan Richards and published by Oak Knoll in 2010. In this Guide there are also a lists, from Early Verse to the poems of his later years, under Main Works and Other Works above.

However, these, and the selection for the final Sussex Edition (in America, the Burwash Edition) total much less than half of his total canon.

The three-volume Cambridge Edition of the Poems of Rudyard Kipling, edited and extensively annotated by Professor Tom Pinney, and published by Cambridge University Press in 2013, includes well over five hundred uncollected pieces.

In successive collections and other publications, Kipling made textual changes. Within this guide the text of the verse, obtainable from the link above, is generally that of the Definitive Edition, together with Andrew Rutherford’s Early Verse by Rudyard Kipling: 1879-1889, published by Oxford University Press in 1986. The notes offered here, for almost all of the verse, are updated as more information is received.

We aim to keep this guidance up to date, but are very grateful for comments from readers on any errors or omissions. Please email to

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Some notes by David Alan Richards on various Kipling: curiosities of interest to collectors:

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