A Kipling Dictionary

by W. Arthur Young
and John H McGivering


E 23 a Mahratta who is a member of the Secret Service. Kim assists him, and he passes important information to Strickland under pretence of cursing.

"E was warned agin 'er -" `The Sergeant's Weddin".

Eabrey a character in "The Hill of Illusion".

Eames companion of Trivett. "The Honours of War".

Earl Goodwin mentioned by the Spirit of the Mill. "Below the Mill Dam".

"Eathen, The" a 'Barrack-Room Ballad' in The Seven Seas showing the progress of a soldier from recruit to N.C.O.

Ebba, Queen wife of Ethelwalch. "The Conversion of St. Wilfrid".

Ebermann, Fran the German woman in "Swept and Garnished" who, during the Great war is in bed with 'flu in her flat in Berlin, and sees the ghosts of dead children, killed by the Germans in a reprisal against civilians.

Eblis the Accursed. "The Enemies to Each Other".

  1. the Extra Certificated men of "The Army of A Dream".
  2. East Central, a postal district of the City of London.
Echoes a book of thirty-two poems by Kipling and his sister Beatrice, published by the Civil and Military Gazette, Lahore, in 1884, with a cover designed by their father. Not collected. (See Carrington, pp. 57-58, and Martindell, pp. 6-7.)

Eddi St. Wilfrid's chaplain. "The Conversion of St. Wilfrid".

Eddi, priest of St. Wilfrid' "Eddi's Service".

"Eddi's Service" he held a service at Christmas, but only animals came.

Eddy one of the Boy Scouts in "The Horse Marines".

Eden, Nurse tends the dying Edna Gerritt with the help of "Mary Postgate".

Edge of the East, The in Letters of Travel. Yokohama; crops, land-prices, and customs of Japan.

"Edge of the Evening, The" the ninth Story in A Diversity Of Creatures. Zigler meets the narrator, takes him to the country house he has rented from Lord Marshalton (formerly Captain Mankeltow), and tells the story of the death of two spies who landed in an aircraft.

"Edgehill Fight" (702) the horror of civil war.

Edna see Gerritt.

"Education of Otis Yeere, The" the first story in Under the Deodars, collected in Wee Willie Winkie. Mrs. Hauksbee intends to start a salon, but Mrs. Mallowe suggests that it would be better to be an Influence ; the former then takes up Otis Yeere, who dresses badly and has lost his ambitions. He improves under her tuition, but begins to flirt with her and has to be dismissed.

Edward King Edward VII (1841-1910). Zigler says of him: 'He's so blame British!' See also "The Dead King".

Edwardes, Captain B. allowed to recite his poem on the loss of the Joan Hasken. Captains Courageous.

Edwards a railwayman who assists in "The Enlightenments of Pagett, M.P".

Eger, Sahib Edgar. A Sahibs' War.

"Egg-Shell, The," a submarine or torpedo-boat at sea.

Egoist one of the hounds in "The Great Play Hunt"; he did not take part in the Hunt as he was in the Summer Kennels.

Egypt of the Magicians the third section of Letters of Travel.

Eirene Quabil's ship which was wrecked on Malta with St. Paul. "The Manner of Men".

El-Mahdi see Mahdi.

Elahi Bukhsh
  1. servant to the narrator of "Jews in Shushan".
  2. one of the party that assaults Durga Dass. "Gemini".
Eland one of the animals hunted by the Leopard. "How the Leopard Got his Spots".

Eldest Magician details the animals for their work. "The Crab that Played with the Sea".

Elephant there is a Court Elephant in Namgay Doola. See also "My Lord the Elephant", "Moti Guj - Mutineer", "Toomai of the Elephants", "Her Majesty's Servants", "HOw Fear Came", "Letting in the Jungle".

"Elephant and the Lark's Nest, The" see "Fables for the Staff".

"Elephant's Child, The" the fifth of the Just So Stories. The young elephant had a little nose no bigger than a boot and was interested to find out what the crocodile had for dinner. He was nearly the dinner, but the BiColoured-Python-Rock-Snake helped him escape, though his nose is stretched into the trunk we know today.

Elery, Mrs. she thought young Cottar was being worked too hard. "The Brushwood Boy".

Elias of Bury the Jew from whom King John borrows money. "The Treasure and the Law".

Elizabeth Queen Elizabeth I (1533-1603) of England and Ireland, also known as Gloriana.

Elk one of the animals in "The Crab that Played with the Sea".

Ella Sweyn she occurs in the chantey beginning `Mother Rugen's tea-house on the Baltic' in "With the Night Mail".

Ellen a maid in Dan and Una's household. See also Aunt Ellen.

Elliot-Hacker ragged by Corkran. "The Honours of War".

  1. a name addressed to Tighe by "Di'monds-an'-Pearls".
  2. a member of Hawkins's staff. "William the Conqueror".
Ellis and McKnight provision-dealers ; one of them - we are not told which - appears for a moment in "In the Interests of the Brethren".

Ellis, Sophy daughter of the charwoman in "The Wish House" who takes away Mrs. Ashcroft's headache.

Elphicks one of the families whose history is connected with Friars Pardon in "An Habitation Enforced". Others mentioned are Moons, Haylings, Torrells, and Lashmars.

Elsie, Aunt relative of Katie Allen. "A Burgher of the Free State".

Embsay, Mrs. L. Widow see "The Song of the Lathes".

Embuscade the French ship in which Lee goes to Philadelphia. "Brother Square-Toes".

Emery, Rev. John Chaplain of the Tyneside Tail-Twisters. "Only a Subaltern".

  1. Christian name of Mrs. Boulte. "A Wayside Comedy".
  2. Helen Turrell's maid. "The Gardener".
Emmeline, Aunt her house fell down. "Swept and Garnished".

Emory, Julian B. a doctor from New York who thought a drunken navvy had been poisoned, and gave him a powerful emetic. "My Sunday at Home".

"En-Dor" a medium who claims to bring messages from those killed in the 1914 war; the sorrow of those who consult such, and a warning from the poet not to do so.

"Enemies to Each Other, The" in Debits and Credits. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, their expulsion, the birth of their children, and how the Mole spied on them, thereby losing his eyesight.

Engineer one envisaged a Travelling Lodge outfit of under 40 lb. weight. "In the Interests of the Brethren".

Engineers and Engineering see 007, A Fleet in Being, "Among the Railway Folk", "Bread upon the Waters", "The Bold 'Prentice", "The Bridge-Builders", "The Devil and the Deep Sea", "The Horse Marines", "M'Andrew's Hymn'", "I The "Mary Gloster", ,Sappers', Sea Warfare, "The Secret of the Machines", "The Ship that Found Herself", "Song of the Dynamo", "The Song of the Lathes", "Steam Tactics", "Their Lawful Occasions", "The Undertakers","The Woman in his Life".

England and the English speech to the Royal Society of St. George, 1920. A Book of Words.

'England is a cosy little country' "The Open Door".

"England's Answer" follows "The Song of the Cities" expressing the idea of the Briitish Commonwealth.

'England's on the anvil-hear the hammers ring-' `The Anvil'.

'English, A Song of the' see 'A Song of the English'.

"English Flag, The" a spirited ballad which contains the well-known line 'What should they know of England who only England know?'

English Lord to whom Zigler is transferred in Cape Town. "The Captive".

English School, An in Land and Sea Tales: tells of the United Service College and its surroundings, how the Head had been a master at Haileybury, how the prefects were allowed to smoke pipes, with some account of lawful and unlawful goings-on. The germs of Stalky & CO. are here set forth. Followed by "A Counting-Out Song".

"English Way, The" the importance of understatement - 'Greater the deed, greater the need Lightly to laugh it away.' In the form of a "Border Ballad".

  1. to whom the groom took "Little Tobrah".
  2. associated with Dana Da in his 'sendings'. "The Sending of Dana Da".
  3. concerned with sanitary reform on the death of Ram Buksh. "New Brooms".
  4. misdirected an orderly with a letter which led to "Consequences".
  5. in charge of the famine-sheds at the end of Scott's trail. "William the Conqueror".
  6. hurt while botanizing; is succoured by "Lispeth".
  7. Kipling so calls himself when writing in the third person in "Letters of Marque".
  8. two are building a bridge at Mugger Ghaut. One of them shoots the Mugger of the Ford ; he turns out to be the White Child who was nearly eaten by the creature many years previously. "The Undertakers".
"Enlightenments of Pagett, M.P., The" not usually found except in the Edition de luxe, vol. iv. Pagett is spending New Year's Day with Orde, with whom he went to school. The latter seizes the opportunity to bring his guest face to face with facts calculated to remove some of the misconceptions he has formed. Various local people call and he learns quite a lot about India. (See Martindell, p. 122.)

Enoch a retired foreman from the Works who had married James Gravell's old nurse, Liz; they look after Angelique. "Beauty Spots".

'Enough to Sober Ulysses' sub-head to chap. 1, A Fleet in Being.

'Envoy' verses at the end of Many Inventions, collected as "Anchor Song".

Ephraim Yahudi a leading character of Jews in Shushan.

"Epitaphs of the War" for a cross-section of men and women who had lost their lives in the Great War of 1914-18 war.

Epply's Assembly Rooms in Philadelphia. "Brother Square-Toes".

'Er-Heb, beyond the Hills of Ao-Safai' "The Sacrifice of Er-Heb".

"Erastasius of the 'Whanghoa'" the first story in Abaft the Funnel. A tailless Japanese cat falls down a ventilator. When he is brought on deck again - a very angry cat - the Captain tells how he once saved a ship from pirates.

'Ere Mor the Peacock flutters, ere the Monkey People cry' "The Song of the Little Hunter".

'Ere stopping or turning, to put foorth a hande' "The Four Points".

'Ere the mother's milk had dried' "The Totem".

'Ere the steamer bore him Eastward, Sleary was engaged to marry' "The Post that Fitted".

Erh-Tze master of the junk Jim Trevor took down the Hugli. "An Unqualified Pilot".

"Error in the Fourth Dimension, An" the tenth story in The Day's Work. Wilton Sargent, son of Merton Sargent, an American railway magnate, settles in England. Coached by friends and servants he becomes more English than the English until he tells his butler to stop a train so he can get to London in a hurry. This causes trouble with the railway company, who think him mad when he offers to buy the line. He returns to New York and reverts to being 100% American.

Esclairmonde, Lady wife of Sir Huon of Bordeaux. "Cold Iron".

Eshmitt Sahib dies in Ram Buksh's epidemic. "New Brooms". Another Eshmitt is the young officer whose death brought about "The Grave of the Hundred Head".

Estes, the the missionary family at Rhatore with whom Kate Sheriff lives. The Naulahka.

Esther Grant the Poole schooner in "A Tour of Inspection".

Estreekin Sahib the name the natives give Strickland in the Indian stories.

"Et Dona Ferentes" Other nations should beware when the English grow polite!

Ethel a lady's name mentioned by McIntosh Jellaludin in delirium. "To be Filed for Reference".

Etheldreda Winchmore's vessel, in "Sea Constables".

Ethelwalch King of Sussex in St. Wilfrid's time. "The Conversion of St Wilfrid".

Ethiopian he hunts with the Leopard in "How the Leopard got his Spots".

Eurasian Interpreter assists Scott during the Famine. "William the Conqueror".

Eustis Henry Lawrence Eustis (1819-1885), soldier and Professor of Engineering at Harvard. "007".

Eusufzai Agent, an takes Dravot and Carnehan under his protection when they set out from the Kumharsen Serai in disguise."The Man who would be King".

  1. a red-headed Welshman and driver of the Mogul when it was ditched. "007".
  2. One of Yardley-Orde's colleagues, killed by overwork in the Kot-Kumharsen district. "The Head of the District".
  3. Richard: in love with Miss Dormil. "For One Night Only".

"Evarra and his Gods" blank verse on the "Maker of Gods".

Eve she appears, with Adam, in "The Enemies to Each Other".

Everett a junior officer killed in a frontier skirmish. "Slaves of the Lamp", pt. ii.

Every-Day Drama Trio one of Masquerier's `turns'. "The Village that Voted the Earth was Flat".

'Excellent herbs had our fathers of old-, "Our Fathers of Old"'.

"Expert, The" verses following "Beauty Spots".

'Experts of the Lower Deck, The' subhead to chap. 1, A Fleet in Being.

"Exiles' Line, The" the old P. & O. -'dear and slow' -that takes the servants of India to their work and brings home those that survive.

"Explanation, The" Love and Death mix up their quivers so that `Old men love while young men die'.

Explanation of Mir Baksh, The a slight sketch in "The Smith Administration".

"Explorer, The" the ballad of the man who does not believe 'There's no use in going further' and finds rich land beyond the ranges.

"Eye of Allah, The" the thirteenth story in Debits and Credits. Preceded by 'Untimely', followed by 'The Last Ode'.

'Eyes aloft, over dangerous places' "Butterflies".

'Eyes of grey - a sodden quay' "The Lovers' Litany".