A Kipling Dictionary

by W. Arthur Young
and John H McGivering




A.B.C. the Aerial Board of Control. see "As Easy as A.B.C.", "With the Night Mail".

'A Farmer of the Augustan Age' "The Bees and the Flies".

'A Fool there was and he made his prayer' "The Vampire".

`A great and glorious thing it is' "Arithmetic on the Frontier".

`A much discerning Public hold' verse over "La Nuit Blanche".

'A Nation spoke to a Nation' "Our Lady of the Snows".

`A Rose, in tatters on the garden path' "The Answer".

"A Servant when he reigneth" paraphrase of Proverbs 30, 21-23, '...a fool filled with meat, an odious woman when she is married, and an handmaid that is heir to her mistress...'

`A Smith makes me' "The Runes on Weland's Sword", following "Old Men at Pevensey" in Puck of Pook's Hill.

`A Snider squibbed in the Jungle' "The Grave of the Hundred Head" (first version).

'A Stone's throw out on either hand' First line of chapter-heading to "In the House of Suddhoo."

`A Tinker out of Bedford' "The Holy War".

Abana and Pharpar nicknames for Harrison and Craye. Stalky & Co.

Abanazar nickname for one of the "Slaves of the Lamp"; he is also known as `The Cat' and `Pussy'.

Abbot Henry the Abbot of Battle in "Old Men at Pevensey".

Abbot of Lung Cho mentioned by the Lama in Kim

Abbot of Such-Zen the Lama was once Abbot there. Kim

'Abdhur Rahman, the Durani Chief, of him is the story told' "The Ballad of the King's Mercy'".

Abdul the `yellowish boy' who interprets for Groombride. "Little Foxes".

Abdul Gafur Gisborne's butler in "In the Rukh". His daughter marries Mowgli.

Abdul Latif with Elahi Baksh and others, beats up Durga Dass. "Gemini".

Abdul Rahman a stable-keeper in Bombay. "The Maltese Cat".

Abdullah a sheikh in "The Riddle of Empire".
2. a friend of Kim; see also Carter, Lieutenant. 3. Dinah Mulvaney’s (nee Shadd) servant in “The Big Drunk Draf’”.

Abdur Rahman Amir of Afghanistan, whose method of administering justice is described in "The Amir's Homily". See also “Her Majesty’s Servants” Pinney (Kipling’s India) p.85, and Indian stories and poems (later in this volume).

Aberyswith see "Delilah".

`About the time that taverns shut' "The Ballad of Minepit Shaw".

Abraham a farm-hand in "Stalky" ; see also 'Tom'.

"Absent-Minded Beggar, The" written at the beginning of the Boer War; the proceeds were devoted to the wives and children of reservists. (See Stewart, p. 178, Carrington, p. 303.) and Something of Myself, p. 150) Sir Arthur Sullivan set it to an excellent tune

Abu Ali Jafir Bin Yakub-ul-Isfahani appears in "The Enemies to Each Other".

Abu Hussein the fox in "Little Foxes".

Abu Simbel a visit there is related in "The Face of the Desert".

Ackerman `Tacks', of St. Peggoty's. "Unprofessional".

Ackroyd and Hunt airship owners. "With the Night Mail".

Across a Continent New York, a trip to St. Paul, Minnesota, and on to Canada. Letters of Travel.

`Across a world where all men grieve' "Justice".

“Actors” an “Epitaph of the War”

Ada' Hinchcliffe's name for the `blighted egg-boiler' of "Steam Tactics".
2. niece to Mrs. Bathurst.

Adah wife of Elias the Jew of Bury. "The Treasure and the Law".

Adam Strickland's son, introduced in "The Son of his Father". He plays an important part in “A Deal in Cotton” See also the poem “The Brother.”

Adam and Eve appear in "The Enemies to Each Other".

Adam-Zad see "The Truce of the Bear".

Adar the maid in "Thy Servant a Dog", "The Great Play Hunt", and "Toby Dog".

Addresses see A Book of Words

Adjutant he is concerned about the absence of Mulvaney in "The Incarnation of Krishna Mulvaney"; another gets leave for Bobby Wick in "Only a Subaltern"; a third gives good advice to George Cottar in "The Brushwood Boy".

Adjutant-Crane, an appears in "The Undertakers".

Adler's Mixture the gas that affected James Gravell during the 1914 war. "Beauty Spots".

Admiral he has a keen eye for the junior officer who is proud of his vessel. Martin Frobisher is his flagship. His Secretary is mentioned. "Judson and the Empire."

Admiral Boy and Vice-Admiral Babe the two young men who gave their lives in her service are so addressed by Gloriana in "Gloriana".

Admiralty, the Price of see "The Song of the Dead".

Adoration of the Mage, The the twenty-second title in Abaft the Funnel. The story of a cab-ride in a London fog.

`Advertisement, The' motoring verse in the manner of the Early English.

AEluvea sister of Hugh the Novice who married Sir Richard Dalyngridge in the Puck stories.

Aeneas mentioned in "A Tree Song".

Aesop mentioned in “The Fabulists”.

Afghan, an frightened by "The Lost Legion", he is caught by Lieutenant Halley.

Afrite one of H.M. ships in "Their Lawful Occasions".

“After His Realms and States were moved” “The King and the Sea”.

`After the burial-parties leave' "The Hyenas".

`After the fight at Otterburn' "The English Way".

`After the sack of the City, when Rome was sunk to a name' "The King's Task".

Afzal Khan a Delhi Pathan who had been a policeman and related what took place "At Howli Thana".

`Against the Bermudas we foundered, whereby' "The Coiner".

Agatha, the a Brixham trawler that played an important part in "Their Lawful Occasions", and may well have been a smuggler.

Aged Councillor, an he disclosed a secret to "Delilah".

Agemond see "Spirit of the Mill".

Agent-General see Penfentenyou.

Agg a Sussex carrier, Hinchcliffe's cousin, who caused the trouble in "Steam Tactics". He also appears in "A Tour of Inspection".

Aggie mistress of Sir Anthony Gloster. `The "Mary Gloster"'.

Aglaia the first name of the Haliotis. "The Devil and the Deep Sea".

Aglia governess to Parnesius in the Puck stories.

Agnes Christian name of Mrs. Strickland in the Indian stories; see also Laiter.

Agnew, Mrs Eva van see "For One Night Only".

Agra mentioned in "The Bold 'Prentice".

Aguinaldo the Philippine leader mentioned in "The Captive".

`Ah! What avails the classic bent' "The Benefactors".

' Ah, would swift ships had never been . . .' part of first line of "V.A.D. (Mediterranean)", one of the "Epitaphs of the War" and the song the girls sang when the trireme sailed from Marseilles. "The Manner of Men".

'Ahasuerus Jenkins of the "Operatic Own"' "Army Headquarters".

Ahmed Buksh a character in "The Cow-House Jirga".

Ahrens one of the inventors of 'cloud-breakers'. "With The Night Mail".

Aide-de-Camp one ejects Mellish after the interview with the Viceroy in "A Germ Destroyer"; another leads a party of troops up to a mountain fort in "Winning the Victoria Cross".

Aigypt "Love-o'-Women"'s name for Di'monds-an'-Pearls ; Mulvaney so pronounces `Egypt'. The reference is taken from Shakespeare's "Antony and Cleopatra".

Aircraft a French aerial route over the Sahara is mentioned in "The Face of the Desert". (See also "The Edge of the Evening", "A Flight of Fact", "As Easy as A.B.C.", "With the Night Mail".)

Airman, German dies in horrible circumstances while Mary Postgate watches. "Mary Postgate".

Aitcheson the engineer who designed the Kite. "Bread upon the Waters".

Ajaib Gher the 'Wonder-House' of Lahore. The curator is usually taken to be a portrait of Kipling's father. Kim.

Ajaibpore Workshop where young Ottley worked. "The Bold 'Prentice".

Ajmir Cotton-Broker, an arrested by mistake by the policeman who was looking for the Mahratta. Kim.

Akali, an a Sikh devotee who met Kim and the Lama on the way to Benares.Kim.

`Akbar's Bridge' Akbar was minded to build a mosque and took a walk on his own by the river after he had approved the plans. He met the Potter's Widow who had missed the last ferry and rowed her over in very poor style. She did not recognize him and cursed him for a bad ferryman, including Akbar in her abuse for being so stupid as to wish to build a mosque when all that was needed was a bridge. He returned to his palace and ordered a bridge to be built.

Akela the Lone Wolf, leader of the wolves in both Jungle Books.

Akraig a friendly djinn. "The Butterfly that Stamped".

Aladdin pantomime put on by Stalky and his friends in "Slaves of the Lamp, pt. i." It is remembered in pt. ii when the friends meet again after they have left the Coll.

Albert one of the crew of the Agatha. "Their Lawful Occasions".

Alexander a college boy in "An Unsavoury Interlude".

Alexanders a herb of the order umbelliferae at one time used as celery. “Our Fathers of Old.”

Alf one of the removal men in "The Puzzler"; also, one of the crew of the Agatha in "Their Lawful Occasions". See also Colonel Bayley.

Alice' Teddy's mother. "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi".
2. a six-year-old maiden who is one of Zigler's guests. "The Edge of the Evening".

Alice, Aunt Mrs. Scriffenshaw. Mrs. Hauksbee Sits it Out.

Alix one of the horses in "A Walking Delegate".

`All day long to the judgement-seat' "Gallio's Song".

All the Pelungas scene of certain incidents in "A Flight of Fact".

'All the world over, nursing their scars' first line of verse over "With Number Three".

Alla Dad Khan a character in "The Head of the District".

Allardyce, Miss she is engaged to Brandis. Her father is also mentioned. "Wee Willie Winkie".

Allen see "A Burgher of the Free State". His late wife Katie is also mentioned.

Allo A leader of the Picts who live on the north side of the Wall. "On the Great Wall".

Alma a battle of the Crimean War. "Winning the Victoria Cross".

Almanac of twelve sports, an an almanac for 1898 containing Verses on Games, illustrated by William Nicholson.

'Almost Infernal Mobility' sub-head to ch. 2. A Fleet in Being.

"Alnaschar and the Oxen" Sussex cattle feeding in the dew.

'Alone upon the housetops to the North' "The Love Song of Har Dyal".

Aluric tried and dispossessed by William of Warrenne; mentioned by the Spirit of the Mill. "Below the Mill Dam".

Amal the first of The Winged Hats who landed under the Wall. "On the Great Wall".

Amber the ruined city described in Letters of Marque, ch. 3.

Ambrosius secretary of the Roman Emperor who relieves Pertinax and Parnesius. "The Winged Hats".

Ambulance-train see "The Way that He Took", "The Janeites", "With Number Three".

Ameera John Holden's girl and mother of Tota. "Without Beneft of Clergy".

America see From Sea to Sea xxi ff.

"American, An" the American Spirit speaks; a candid criticism.

American Notes a pirate edition of the Pioneer letters published in 1891. Those Kipling chose to print are in From Sea to Sea.

"American Rebellion, The" how the Americans waited until they were secure at home and abroad before throwing off their allegiance to Great Britain, and how 'the poor dead soldiers of King George' and 'the men that served with Washington' he beneath the `kindly earth that knows no spite'.

Amir of Afghanistan visiting the Viceroy, he sees "Her Majesty's Servants".

Amir Nath one of Tods' friends. "Tods' Amendment". Another appears in "To be Filed for Reference".

Amir Nath's Gully scene of the meetings between Bisesa and Trejago. "Beyond the Pale".

Amir Singh one of the Brethren in "The Mother-Lodge".

Amir's Homily, The the eighteenth story in Life's Handicap. Abdur Rahman is dispensing justice and one who has stolen for hunger is brought before him. The Amir contends that the man stole 'for drink, for lust, for idleness', and relates how he himself once worked as a coolie.

'Ammick a major in Humberstall's battery, in private life a lawyer. "The Janeites".

Amomma a goat, playmate of Dick and Maisie. The Light that failed. /.

Among the Railway Folk three articles on the East India Railway in From Sea to Sea, vol. ii.

Amoore housekeeper at Marklake Hall. "Marklake Witches".

Amoraq mother of Kotuko. "Quiquern".

Amritzar Girl the Dogra Soldier has his eye on her. Kim.

“An Only Son” an "Epitaph of the War."

'An' when the war began, we chased the bold Afghan' stanza over "The Three Musketeers".

Anand Rao Nimbalkhur mentioned in "With Scindia to Delhi".

Ananias the champion liar, who has to resign his title to Trivey. "A Fallen Idol".

'Anchor Song' collected in The Seven Seas, known as 'L'Envoy' in Many Inventions.

`And if ye doubt the tale I tell' first line of a stanza of "The Palms", quoted at the head of "A Matter of Fact".

`And some are sulky, while some will plunge' "Toolungala Stockyard Chorus", at the head of "Thrown Away".

'And the years went on, as the years must do' "Diana of Ephesus", over "Venus Annodomini".

And these two as I told you lines from Longfellow's "Hiawatha" over ch. 8, The Light that Failed.

'And they were stronger hands than mine' "A Dedication" (to Soldiers Three).

'And you may lead a thousand men' Verse above ch. 6, The Light that Failed.

Anderson the worst recruit of a bad draft. "His Private Honour".

Andrie's Uncle mentioned by Jenny Pardew. "A Burgher of the Free State".

Angekok Esquimau sorcerer. "Quiquern".

Angel of Plenty, the see "The Masque of Plenty".

Angelique an enormous white sow, the heroine of "Beauty Spots".

Anglo-Indian in Kipling's time indicated a person of British birth who lived in India, but has now come to mean one of mixed British and Asiatic parentage.

"Angutivaun Taina" "Song of the Returning Hunter" in The Second Jungle Book.

Anna Fran Ebermann's maid. "Swept and Garnished".

Anne of Austria the prostitute who was rejected by Hans. "The Ballad of Fisher's Boarding-House".

Anne of Norton the wife or mistress of Abbot Stephen of St. Illod's ; she is dying of cancer. "The Eye of Allah".

Annieanlouise the name George Cottar gave to his dream-girl. "The Brushwood Boy".

Ansell a boy in Macrea's House. Stalky & Co.

Anselm Archbishop of Canterbury. "The Tree of Justice".

Anstey, George an old shipmate recalled by Pyecroft. "Mrs. Bathurst".

Anstruther the contractor who built the Lodge. "In the Interests of the Brethren".

"Answer, The" a fallen rose murmurs against its fate; God's answer is heard by one who thereby saves his soul from Hell.

Anthony of the Indian Medical Service. "The World Without".
2. one of the Masons in "The Janeites". He is a taxi-owner.

"Antioch, The Church that was at" see "The Church that was at Antioch".

Antirosa Aunt Rosa, the woman who looked after 'Punch and Judy'. "Baa Baa Black Sheep".

Antonio the French spy. "The Bonds of Discipline".

Antonio's a carriage emporium at Cawnpore devastated by "My Lord the Elephant".

Antony of Rye, the the vessel in which Simon Cheyneys and his aunt visit Sir Francis Drake. "Simple Simon".

`Anvil, The' England is being forged into one strong country after 1066.

Ao-Chung a hillman in Kim who helps in the discomfiture of the two spies.

Ap-Ki-Das a name used by Golam Singh when he signs his letter. "A Letter from Golam Singh."

Apis name of "The Bull that Thought". Another appears in “Pan in Vermont”

Apothecary, an one of Scott's staff who had to be tied to a wagon in case he bolted. "William the Conqueror".

“Appeal, The” The poet’s request to be left in peace when he is dead – see also the poem “En-Dor.”

Appleton, Bill a pitman. "On Greenhow Hill".

April see "Verses on Games".

Aquae Sulis the city of Bath. "A Centurion of the Thirtieth".

Aquila, de father and son, in "Young Men at the Manor". The former, Engerrard of the Eagle, was killed at Hastings; the latter, Gilbert, became Lord of Pevensey and appears in the two following stories.

Arab, an wounds Heldar with a spear. The Light that Failed.

Arabi Egyptian leader mentioned in "The Jacket".

Arbuthnot `Badger', on the staff of Sir James Hawkins. "William the Conqueror".

Archaeology see The Dead King.

Archangel of the English appears in "Uncovenanted Mercies".

Archangels the polo-team that played the Skidars. "The Maltese Cat".

Archer, the see "The Children of the Zodiac".

Archery see "Verses on Games" and "Cupid's Arrows".

Archimandrite, H.M.S. the cox'n of her galley was half-killed for waggling the tiller-lines at a man who had a hanging in his family. "The Horse Marines", "The Bonds of Discipline".

`Are they Never Going to Slow?' sub-head to ch. 2, A Fleet in Being.

Ari Booj a faquir who helped to spread smallpox. "New Brooms".

`Arithmetic on the Frontier' an expensive education is not proof against a cheap rifle!

Arkansas Girl a friend of Kate Sheriff. The Naulahka.

Armageddon the supreme conflict between nations (Revelations 15,16). "The Edge of the Evening", "The Holy War", and "A Conference of the Powers". The author also hopes that such a conflict will not interfere with his holiday. From Sea to Sea, i.

Armine, Aunt Bella younger sister of Strangwick's mother; her husband is a second-hand furniture dealer and cabinet-maker who appears at the end. "A Madonna of the Trenches".

Armond father of Bisesa. "Beyond the Pale".

Armourer-Sergeant, an he explains the Martini to Mulvaney. "Black Jack".

`Army Headquarters' Ahasuerus Jenkins was not much of a soldier but could sing and play the piano. He thus obtained a good job at Simla.

`Army Headquarters'

"Ahasuerus Jenkins" was not much of a soldier but could sing and play the piano. He thus obtained a good job at Simla.

"Army in Motion, An" sub-head to ch. 3, France at War.

Army of a Dream, The the eighth title in "Traffics and Discoveries." The narrator dreams of a time when military service has become a national obligation gladly undertaken by all ranks and spends some time with one of the regiments, hearing about their activities and witnessing an exercise.

Arnott, Eustace commands the Fleet in "As Easy As A.B.C."

Arrah, The Little House at" an uncollected story of heroism during the Indian Mutiny mentioned in "Winning The Victoria Cross".

"Arrest of Lieutenant Golightly, The" the eighteenth story in Plain Tales from the Hills. A smart young officer is caught in a rainstorm; by an unfortunate combination of circumstances he is mistaken for a deserter and arrested by a corporal and two privates who do not believe his statement that he is an officer.

'Art of Gunnery, The' note 3 to A Fleet in Being.

`Art of Road-Locos Repair or The Young Driver's Vademecome, The' the classic book written by Olaf Swanson; he gave a copy to young Ottley and was delighted when the boy applied his teach-ing and brought a broken-down train safely home. "The Bold 'Prentice."

'Arterial' `Early Chinese' verse on motoring.

Arthur grandson of Mrs. Ashcroft and son of her daughter Jane. "The Wish House".

Arthurs the white-haired servant of the Misses Moultrie. "The House Surgeon."

Artie a pet-name for Stalky.

'Artillery and Cavalry' sub-head to ch. 3, France at War.

Artilleryman, an tries to steal Garm. Two others discuss Heldar's picture in a shop-window. The Light that Failed.

Artois a Knight of sails with Dalyngridge and Hugh. "The Knights of the Joyous Venture."

‘As Adam lay a-dreaming beneath the Apple Tree’ “The Four Angels” (Verse over “With the Night Mail”)

''As anybody seen Bill 'Awkins?' "Bill 'Awkins".

"As Easy as A.B.C." the first story in A Diversity of Creatures, a fantasy of the future that has, in many respects, come true. The Aerial Board of Control is obliged to take charge of Chicago when the Serviles cause trouble. Followed by "Macdonough's Song".

'As I left the Halls at Lumley, rose the vision of a comely'.` "As the Bell Clinks".

`As I pass through my incarnations in every age and race' "The Gods of the Copybook Headings".

'As I was spittin' into the Ditch aboard o' the Crocodile' "Soldier and Sailor Too".

'As our Mother the Frigate, bepainted and fine' "Cruisers".

"As the Bell Clinks" the poet muses on the clinking tonga-bar and a maiden in the metre of "The Raven".

'As the dawn was breaking the Sambhur belled' "Hunting Song of the Seeonee Pack".

‘As tho’ again – yea, even once again’ “Rhodes Memorial, Table Mountain.”

'As watchers crouched beneath a Bantine oak' "The Last Ode".

Ashcroft, Mrs. Grace an elderly, experienced, pensioned cook. She has a daughter Jane and a grandson Arthur. When her husband died she went back to her old employer in London, Mrs. Marshall. "The Wish House".

`Ashore in Ireland' sub-head to ch. 4, A Fleet in Being

Ass, an one of the congregation at "Eddi's Service".

Assistant Collector, an recommends Michele d'Cruze to the post that enables him to marry. "His Chance in Life". Another, known as 'Gallio' is in "The Judgment of Dungara".

Another, known as ' Gallio' is in "The Judgment of Dungara".

Assistant Commissioner one appears in "Gemini".

Assunta maid to Mrs. Hauksbee in the Indian stories.

Assyrian one of the "Mine Sweepers".

"Astrologer's Song, An" What shall avail against us while the stars in their courses are on our side.

`At dawn there was a murmur in the trees' second stanza of "Two Months".

"At His Execution" St. Paul speaks.

"At Howli Thana" the third story in In Black and White (Soldiers Three). An ex-policeman begs for employment and tells how he came to leave the police. They had been sent to deal with some dacoits, but came to terms with them. Their report-book and rifles are later missing, so they trump up a story which is to be supported by wounds of various kinds and return to headquarters where Yunkum Sahib (who rides a tricycle on occasion) hears their story and takes them into his bathroom, where lie the book and rifles which he himself had taken as they slept.

'At Runnymede, at Runnymede..' "The Reeds of Runnymede".

`At the close of a winter day' "The Rhyme of the Three Captains".

'At the eleventh hour he came' "The Vineyard".

"At the End of the Passage" the seventh story in Life's Handicap, about hard work in bad conditions in India. Hummil, an assistant engineer, entertains Mottram, Lowndes, and Spurstow every week and at one such meeting he is unwell; but he will not go sick because Burkett, who would relieve him, would bring his wife and child to the post. The three men return the following Sunday to find their host dead, apparently from fear or great shock. It seems that Spurstow, the doctor, attempts to photograph the retina of his eyes and then breaks up his camera, but we are not told the result, which appears to be horrible. The retention of an image on the retina after death is, however, impossible.

`At the hole where he went in' verse before "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi".

"At the Pit's Mouth" the second story in Under the Deodars (Wee Willie Winkie), featuring a man, his wife, and the Tertium Quid (a third something) called Frank, who is having an affair with the woman. The two latter are riding together, there is a tragic accident in a landslide; Frank is killed, the woman becomes insane.

'At times when under cover I 'ave said' "The Instructor".

At Twenty-two the fifth story from In Black and White (Soldiers Three). Janki Meah, a blind miner, saves a party of miners, including Kundoo, his wife's lover, from a flooded mine. Unda, the wife, elopes with Kundoo a week later.

'At two o'clock in the morning, if you open your window and listen' "The Dawn Wind".

Atami Junction mentioned in "The Bold 'Prentice".

Athira the woman in the case of Madu and Suket Singh. "Through the Fire".

Athon Daze High Priest of the temple of Dungara. "The Judgment of Dungara".

Atkins, Tommy classic nickname for the British soldier. See "To Thomas Atkins".

Attar Singh persecuted by the villagers. "In the Presence".

Attersole, Wail `a dull dog', Culpeper's lawfully appointed preacher. "A Doctor of Medicine". He was actually Rector of Burwash, 1658-63.

Attley, Will lives at Mittleham; his bitch Bettina has a litter of pups, one of which is "The Dog Hervey".

`Auchinleck's Ride' one stanza, beginning `There was a strife 'twixt man and maid', is at the head of ch.1. The Naulahka.

Auckland see "Song of the Cities". Kipling visited the place in 1891 (Birkenhead, p. 131.)

Auctioneer he sold the slave girl who tended the boy adopted by Sir Huon of Bordeaux. "Cold Iron".

August see "Verses on Games".

Aunt Cecile one of the Aurettes. "Brother Square-Toes".

"Aunt Ellen" the fifth story in Limits and Renewals. The narrator lunched with Miss Gillon (known as Aunt Ellen) near Grantham and agreed to deliver an eiderdown in which various articles were wrapped to an old servant - Prescott - whose birthday was the next day. The bundle travelled better on the back of the car, but after dinner in a college in a university town it became detached and was run over by Phil, an undergraduate, who thought it was a woman. The story develops into an imitation film put on in order to get out of the hands of the police ; a young constable and Phil are covered with feathers, so that on arrival at Cadogan Gardens the latter is not recognized by Doris, the girl he has come to meet. Preceded by "The Playmate", followed by "Naaman's Song".

Aunt Rosa see Antirosa.

Aunt Sydney Mrs. Chapin's American relation to whom she wrote about her connection with the Lashmars. "An Habitation Enforced".

Aurettes French smugglers, related to the Lees. "Brother Square-Toes".

Aurucaria “The Puzzler”.

Austell, Mr and Mrs the parents of "His Majesty the King".

Austen, Jane see "The Janeites". "Jane's Marriage", and "The Mare's Nest". She is buried in the North aisle of Winchester Cathedral and her Memorial is in the fifth bay from the West end.

Australia nickname of No. 15, the horse born in that country. "Her Majesty's Servants". See also “The Young Queen”.

Australians see Durro Muts.

Autobiography See Something of Myself.

Automobile Association mention is made of their Scouts in "The Vortex".

“Ave Imperatrix!” Verses written by Kipling for the U.S.C. Chronicle on an attempt to assassinate Queen Victoria in 1882. It is quoted in “An English School.” (Land and Sea Tales)

'Ave you 'eard o' the Widow at Windsor?' "The Widow at Windsor".

`Away by the lands of the Japanee' verse over "Rhyme of the Three Sealers".

'Ay, lay him 'neath the Simla pine-' "Possibilities".

Ayah, an see Punch and Judy ("The Potted Princess"). One is party to the elopement that Mulvaney stops in "The God from the Machine". Ayahs (nurses or lady's maids) appear in many of the Indian stories.

Azim Ullah kept a tobacco-shop, behind which is the Bird-cage where Huneefa lived. Kim.

Azizun see "The Last Suttee"; another is the lady of the town who lived In "The House of Suddhoo".

Azor the Spirit of the Mill. "Below the Mill Dam".

Azrael appears in "Uncovenanted Mercies" and is Azrael of the Sword, who, dressed as a water-carrier, brought news of the three worlds to Sulieman-bin-Daoud. See also "The Enemies to Each Other".” “The Legend of Mirth” and the verse over Chapter 8, The Naulahka.

`Azrael's Count' the Angel of Death tells how a woman will sometimes welcome him gladly. Follows "Uncovenanted Mercies".