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[October 29 2003]


Anon. The Whispering Gallery John Lane, Bodley Head London 1926
'Leaves from a Diplomat's Diary' with mixed memories of Kipling.
Beerbohm, Max See biography by David Cecil & Dixon Scott, Men of Letters.

Bennett, Arnold Books and Persons Chatto & Windus London 1917

Beerbohm, Max See also (SS44) Le Gallienne for Max's notorious "improvement" to RK's portrait.

Benson, A.C. The Upton Letters John Murray London 1926
Few mentions of Kipling. Author was a friend of Crofts.
Bok, Edward W. The Americanisation of Edward Bok Charles Scribner & Sons New York City 1923
Memoirs of the Dutchman who was editor of The Ladies' Home Journal for thirty years and in that capacity published a number of Kipling stories, not always with the approval of his readers.
Bok, Edward W. Twice Thirty Charles Scribner & Sons New York City 1925

Brown, W. Sorley The Life and Genius of T.W.H.Crosland Cecil Palmer London 1928
Biography of journalist who published parodies called 'The Five Notions'. See Ricketts p.283.
Buchan, John See biography by Andrew Lownie.

Buchanan, Robert See biography by Henry Murray.

Buckley, Jerome Hamilton William Ernest Henley Princeton University Press
Henley, poet, critic and editor was publishing Kipling's verse in early 1890 in the 'National Observer'.
Cecil, David Max - A Biography Constable London 1964
Life of Max Beerbohm.
Charteris, Hon. Evan The Life and Letters of Sir Edmond Gosse Heinemann London 1931

Connell,John W.E.Henley Constable London 1949
Crosland, T.W.H. See biography by W. Sorley Brown.

Dufferin and Ava, Lady Our Viceregal Life in India (Vol. 2 only) John Murray London 1889
Covers 1886-88.
Frank, Katherine A Voyager Out: The Life of Mary Kingsley Hamish Hamilton London 1987
A few mentions of Kipling.
Gardiner, A.G. Prophets, Priests and Kings Alston Rivers Ltd. London 1908
Character studies of Edwardian figures. 7pp. on Kipling.
Gosse, Edmund See biography by Evan Charteris and R.J Lister.

Green, Roger Lancelyn Andrew Lang: A Critical Biography Edmund Ward Leicester 1946
Life of friend of Kipling.
Haggard, H.Rider Diaries of Sir H. Rider Haggard (1914-25) Cassell & Co. London 1980
Edited by D.S.Higgins.
Haggard, Lilias Rider The Cloak That I Left Hodder & Stoughton London 1951
Life of Rider Haggard by his daughter.
Hamilton, Gen. Sir Ian Listening for the Drums Faber & Faber London

Memoirs of a Kipling contemporary.
Hammerton, J.A. Other Things than War McDonald & Co. London 1943
Memoirs of a Kipling contemporary.
Henley, William Ernest See biographies by J.H. Buckley & John Connell.

Hennessy, Joseph See Alexander Wolcott, Letters.

Hind, C. Lewis Naphtali John Lane, Bodley Head London 1926
Memoirs of Kipling contemporary.
Jones, Doris Arthur The Life and letters of Henry Arthur Jones Gollancz London 1930
Daughter's life of playwright includes three Kipling letters.
Kaufman, Beatrice See Alexander Wolcott, Letters.

Lane, Margaret Edgar Wallace The Book Club London 1938
Biography of Kipling contemporary.
Lang, Andrew See biography by Roger Lancelyn Green.

Leslie, Shane Mark Sykes - His Life and Letters Cassell & Co. London 1923
With portrait and thirty cartoons by Sykes himself.
Lownie, Andrew John Buchan Constable London 1988
Biography of Kipling contemporary.
Martineau, G.D. Controller of Devils - A life of J. P.Warberton Published by author Lyme Regis 1966
Warburton has been seen as the original of Strickland.
Murray, Henry Robert Buchannan - A Critical Review & Other Essays Philip Wellby London 1901
Buchanan wrote 'The Voice of the Hooligan'. Book also includes essay on Kipling.
Neill, Roger Robert Louis Stevenson and Count Nesli in Samoa Red Lion Press Oxfordshire 1997

Powell, Violet Flora Annie Steel - Novelist of India Heinemann London 1981
Steele was not only a very successful writer but Inspector of Schools for the Punjab.
Ralph, Julian War's Brighter Side C. Arthur Pearson London 1901
Story of 'The Friend' newspaper edited by Kipling and others in the Boer War. Illustrated
Raymond, E.T. All and Sundry T. Fisher Unwin Ltd. London 1919
Some thirty-five character sketches of contemporary figures. Kipling on pp.177-185.
Rivett-Carnac, J.H. Many Memories of Life in India, at Home and Abroad Blackwood & Sons Edinburgh 1910
Memoirs of ICS patron of Lockwood Kipling.
Wallace, Edgar See biography by Margaret Lane.

Younghusband, Maj.-Gen. Sir George A Soldier's Memories in Peace and War Herbert Jenkins London 1917
Includes story of Trix at Simla dance.

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