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[October 29 2003]


Ankers, Arthur R The Pater Pondview Books Otford 1988
Biography of J. Lockwood Kipling.
Baldwin, A.W The Macdonald Sisters Peter Davis London 1960
Account of Kipling's mother and her sisters by the third Earl Baldwin, her great nephew.
Flanders, Judith A Circle of Sisters Viking Penguin London 2001
A biographical account of the four Macdonald sisters well set in their social context.
Fleming, Mrs. Alice M. A Pinchbeck Goddess Heinemann London 1897
Novel by Kipling's sister.
Fleming, Mrs. Alice M. Some Childhood Memories of Rudyard Kipling

Two articles from 'Chambers Journal' (March).
Holt, Tonie and Valmai My Boy Jack Leo Cooper Barnsley 2001
The Search for Kipling's Only Son'. Revised second edition. Pen and Sword Paperback
Kipling, J. Lockwood Beast and Man in India Macmillan & Co. London 1891
Illustrated mainly by the author but also by Münshi Sher Muhammad, Amir Bakhsh, Bhai Isur Singh, F.H.Andrews and J.Griffiths.
Kipling, J. Lockwood A Kipling ABC Macmillan & Co. London 1979
Drawn for John Kipling. Facsimile of original now in Sussex University Library.
Nicolson, Adam The Hated Wife Short Books London 2001
Brief biography of Carrie Kipling. 96pp. Paperback
Taylor, Ina Victorian Sisters Adler & Adler Bethesda, MD 1987
The remarkable Macdonald women and the great men they inspired.'
Thirkell, Angela Three Houses Oxford University Press London 1931
Childhood memories by novelist grand-daughter of Burne-Jones.

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