The John Slater Memorial
Kipling Essay Prize 2014

This prize of £750 (£250 for the student and £500 for the school or college) is for the winning essay by a Sixth Form student, on selected works by Rudyard Kipling. A runner-up prize of £100 each, to student and school, will also be given. Submissions are now invited and will be judged by a panel from the Kipling Society Council. Their decisions are final.

There is no entry fee.

All entries will be acknowledged and winners informed. The prizes will be awarded at the Kipling Society Annual Luncheon on 7th May 2014 by the President of the Kipling Society, Lt-Colonel Roger Ayers. The Chairman and Kipling Council Members, representatives of the National Trust, and the Press, will also be present.

The Essay titles for 2014 are
1. You are on a desert island, and allowed to take with you just three Kipling poems or three Kipling stories. Which three will you choose, and why? 1200-1400 words.

or 2. Do you agree that Kipling’s greatest writings all deal with India? Discuss with reference to two or three works by Kipling in prose and/or verse. 1200-1400 words.
Closing Date:14 March 2014


  1. Entrants are free to refer comparatively to other literary works
  2. Each school or college will submit no more than two essays
  3. As the prize is for school and student, essays can be the result of a tutorial
  4. Entrants should include a note of their postal address and date of birth
  5. Submissions should be posted in hard copy to: The Kipling Society, 31, Brookside, Billericay, Essex CM11 1DT Please also email a copy to

Some sources of guidance

  • Most of Kipling's published prose and poetry are available on line at Telelib
  • This Kipling Society web-site has an extensive Readers’ Guide with detailed notes on each work. The winning essay will be published in the Guide.
  • If you would like a member of the Society to give a short talk on Kipling, please email to

Leonee Ormond
Chairman of Council, The Kipling Society
Telephone 020 8340 4684