What the Young Man's Heart
Said to Him

Break, ah Break!
What pleasure more in Life have I
Seeing, that sleeping or awake,
I am distraught with misery
I take no pleasure in the sun,
Would that my Life's sad course were done
Aye, would that I might straightway die—
Break ah break!
For the best of my life is gone by,
And no good thing is nigh.

'I am the heart in thee,
And my throbbings never cease,
Till God lays hands on me.
And I bring the lusty blood
Be thou happy or ill at ease—
Look up, the world is good
And thou art too young for release
From an over happy lot—
And every stroke of mine
Is cheering thy soul like wine
Although thou knowest not
And soon, as the months fly over,
So shall thy trouble fade,
Thou shalt go again as a lover
To woo another maid—
And be thou ill at ease
Or full of happiness
My labours never cease—
Till God command me to rest,
I give thee strength in thy breast,—
In woe or weal no less'