This is the mouth-filling song

This is the mouth-filling song
Of the race that was run by a Boomer,
Run in a single burst only event of its kind
Started by Big GHod Nqong from Warrigaborrigarooma,
Old Man Kangaroo first : Yellow-Dog Dingo behind.

Kangaroo bounded away,
His back-legs working like pistons
Bounded from morning till dark,
Twenty-five feet to a bound.

Yellow-Dog Dingo lay
Like a yellow cloud in the distance -
Much too busy to bark.
My! but they covered the ground !

Nobody knows where they went,
Or followed the track that they flew in,
For that Contnent
Hadn't been given a name.
They ran thirty degrees,
Frm Torres Straits to the Leeuwin
(Look at the Atlas, please),
And they ran back as they came.

S'posing you could trot
From Adelaide to the Pacific,
For an afternoon's run -
Half what these gentlemen did
You would feel rather hot,
But your legs would develop terrific
Yes, my importunate son,
You'd be a Marvellous Kid !