Given from the Cuckoo's nest
to the Beloved Infant—

I sit in the midst of my study
With cake crumbs adorning my hair
My boots are confoundedly muddy
And are leaving wet marks on the chair
That supports the fair feet of your Ruddy
As he rests with stale cake in his hair

· I am full of a sense of importance,
Of lobster, cream, pilchards and cake
And I feel in my—bosom grim portents
That herald the course of an ache
I remark I am racked with grim portents
That usher abdominal ache.

Yet I write you this letter fraternal
I indite you this brotherly note
Tho' my tortures are waxing infernal
I write as I ever have wrote
Observe that my tone is fraternal
And I write as I ever have wrote