"I am the Most
Wise Baviaan"

(How the Leopard
got his Spots)

I AM the Most Wise Baviaan, saying in most wise tones,
ĎLet us melt into the landscape—just us two by our lones.í
People have come—in a carriage—calling. But Mummy is there....
Yes, I can go if you take me—Nurse says she donít care.
Letís go up to the pig-sties and sit on the farmyard rails!
Letís say things to the bunnies, and watch íem skitter their tails!
Letís—oh, anything, daddy, so long as itís you and me,
And going truly exploring, and not being in till tea!
Hereís your boots (Iíve brought íem), and hereís your cap and stick,
And hereís your pipe and tobacco. Oh, come along out of it — quick.