The letter written
in the attic

I bear a mark from your hand my Love,
Set red between my brows,
And the mark is more lasting a mark my Love,
Than Love allows
More lasting a trace it leaves my Love
Than all our vows.

The mark of that gusty night my Love
Scarcely a week ago,
When you came; mad with your passion my love
And dealt the blow
Struck freely—how could I stop you—my Love
Who loved you so!

For the lie was stirring your heart my Love,
When you struck the blow at me.
The lie was hot in your brain my love
With jealousy
And I knew of the lie and the liar my love
O, let you be.

And 1thought I will try the love of my love,
Whether her heart be true-
And the end of the trial came my love
And Love's end too.
For the mark between my brows my love
Cuts me from you.

For I have been shamed by a woman my love
Struck down by a woman's blow,
Though my soul was sold for you my love
Years past—you know-
I have too much pride of the body my Love
To let this go.